Wall Beds In Modern America

Why Not Invest In a Modern American Wall Bed?

When it comes to saving space in your home, wall beds are some of the most creative and useful products you can find. They maximize your living space by making use of the often unused vertical space on your walls, thus increasing your home’s horizontal floor space. Having been invented by William L. Murphy (hence their other title as the “Murphy bed”) in America at the turn of the century, they have since been seen as an important invention and a valuable asset to many homes, apartments, offices, fire houses, clinics, and more.

William L. Murphy came up with the idea for the wall bed as a result of needing to find a way of increasing space in his small, one room apartment. William needed more space to entertain guests and, more importantly, needed a way of courting a young Opera singer with whom he had fallen for. Courting customs at the time did not permit a lady to be in a gentleman’s room, but that wouldn’t stop William from transforming his bedroom into a comfortable parlor in order to meet the demands of the culture of his time.

William L. Murphy was later able to patent his signature design and started his own company that would produce and sell them. It wasn’t until 1989 that his design was ruled no longer entitled to trademark protection, because people had begun to regard the “Murphy Bed” as a generic term for any bed that can be easily folded out of site during the day and accessed at night.

Since the invention of the traditional style Murphy bed, the technology involved in the industry has seen a great amount of progress. No longer are we limited to William L. Murphy’s traditional design of a simple bed which folds upright into a closet or wall. Today, there are products on the market that would greatly impress William L. Murphy, including beds designed into such furniture as:

  • Home office desks
  • Entertainment centers
  • Bookcases
  • Cabinets

Modern American Wall Beds

There are even bunk wall beds, and wall beds that have extra features built into them like lighting systems, power supplies, and antimicrobial protection. Modern wall beds can be used to create versatility in any room of your home. You can turn your home office into a bedroom at night, and even turn your European style bookcase into an extra bed for family and friends to get a great night’s sleep.

Wall beds make for a great addition to anyone’s living space, since they are such useful and easily accessible products. Not only that, but people simply like wall beds for what they are: fun, creative assets to anyone’s home. They add style and character to your living space while simultaneously giving friends and relatives an extra place to sleep at night.

If you own a vacation home or cabin somewhere, what better piece of furniture to have than a wall bed? This is especially true for places in which people are constantly coming to visit and stay. Your family won’t have to worry about bringing sleeping bags, cots, blow up mattresses and other sleeping arrangements when they spend the week at your vacation home for a family reunion, because you will have spare places for them to sleep built right into the place!

Wall bed mattresses also tend to be just as high in quality as your standard bed mattress, and sometimes even better. They are a huge upgrade from pull-out couch mattresses, which tend to be very uncomfortable, as many people have had to learn the hard way. Not only that, but the cheap way in which many of them are made can even be potentially dangerous, especially considering their scissor-like retractable frames. Not to mention how inconvenient they are to set up.

Modern wall beds, however, are easily accessible, and are available with plenty of safety features which will protect your young ones. When they are put away for the day, they can be latched tightly in place with mechanisms that stand over six feet tall, ensuring your children can’t reach them, thus giving you peace of mind about the safety of your little ones.

Another thing that makes wall beds such a universally loved product is that they are useful for people of all ages and classes. Bunk wall beds would make for the perfect addition to any kid’s room, while a bed designed into a home office desk or a bookcase would be highly valued by anyone from young adults all the way to senior citizens. Likewise, people living in small apartments would greatly benefit from having a piece of furniture which would maximize their living space by making use of their vertical wall space to maximize their floor space, while the affluent could utilize such products for second homes, vacation homes, and cabins.

Whether you have a micro-condo, a studio apartment, an upscale home, or a vacation home, the value of wall beds can’t be underestimated.

A wide range of people enjoy wall beds because of the wide range of benefits they give to your home. Wall beds never get in the way while they are up and out of use, and can easily be accessed at the end of the day. Just pull down the bed from the wall, closet, or any piece of furniture in which it might be installed.

Another benefit of the modern American wall bed is the fact that they can add so much resale value to your home. Not only are they easy to set up and move if you decide to take them with you upon getting a new home, but if you do decide you can leave them behind, they will add to your home’s value. If you have potential home buyers taking a look at your home during a viewing, you can be certain that they’ll react positively to any wall bed you show them. People like wall beds, not only for their functional efficiency, but simply because they are such fun, creative products that add character and beauty to your home. Give your potential buyers a chance to lie down on your wall bed so they can see for themselves just how comfy it is. You are guaranteed to get a positive reaction.

The  wall bed is a great example of just how far American ingenuity can go. Beginning with a simple need to entertain houseguests and court a lover, to saving space for apartment renters and second home owners alike, the modern American wall bed can’t be underestimated in terms of its utility and aesthetic appeal.