Simple Tips to Prepare your Home for the Fall

When cooler temperatures come knocking, you know that fall is just around the corner. The changing seasons require you to prepare your home for the new weather so you can relax and enjoy you autumn months. What do you need to do? Here are some simple tips that can help:

  • Ready your pipes

The best way to avoid frozen pipes is by using heat tape for wrapping any exposed area. Use a faucet insulator for frost-proofing spigots and shut off the supply of unnecessary water.

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  • Check your roof

Autumn is the season for heavy rains, high winds and even snowstorms. Therefore, it is pertinent that you do a check on your roof to see if there are any loose, curling or missing shingles. Roof valleys require extra attention because this is where snow and rainfall tend to collect. Any damaged or missing shingles for avoiding a potential collapse. In case of a tiled roof, you need to check for chipped or cracked tiles.

  • Clean the gutters

It is a given that gutters will get a lot of action in the winter and fall months due to falling leaves. So, it is a good idea to clean them out before they create a problem. Use a shovel or trowel for getting rid of any leaf pile-up. You should also check that gutter spikes and rivets are secure and if any of them have washed away, they need to be replaced.

These tips can help you in managing your home in the fall months.