Understanding the Different Air Conditioning Features

If you are in the market for purchasing a new air conditioner for your business, you may have noticed that a lot has changed in commercial air conditioners. Traditionally, purchasing a good quality air conditioner has been a pretty straight forward exercise with not many options and the only difference being whether you want a more powerful engine or a better service contract.

Today however there are many options to consider allowing you to really focus in on your exact needs. Below is a description of the best new features of today’s quality air conditioners:

Ductless Air Conditioners

The top quality air conditioners of the last few decades have always been ducted meaning they have a standard compressor / air conditioner unit that sits outside of the office that feeds cools air into a series of ducts that run throughout the business. These units are high quality and have a long life of providing high quality air throughout your business. Larger businesses would purchase several of these units. This also allowed for creating different temperature zones at the business. This one type fits all approach had challenges and this led to the emergence of high quality ducted air conditioning systems. Ducted systems have a compressor that sits outside of the business and an air con unit that site directly on the wall of an office. These smaller units are less expensive than a ducted unit and allows for different comfort zones for each room in the company if required. They are also the most efficient units because there is no cool air loss in the ducting. Today, ducted air conditioners are a viable alternative to ducted systems.

 Multi Split System

A multi split system is a ductless air system that uses one compressor to provide cool air to several rooms in your business. These units allow for different cooling zones in each office where the AC unit is placed and offers cost savings because of the elimination of the additional condenser units. For many businesses a multi split ductless system is the perfect air conditioning option.

Smart Thermostat

A smart thermostat allows for unprecedented control of your air conditioning unit. Smart thermostats can be programmed to provide different types or amounts of air from the unit at different times of the day or on different days. The unit can also be turned on or off or adjusted remotely using a smart phone or home tablet computer. They are also digital which are more accurate than older types of thermostats.

Reverse Cycle System

A reverse cycle air conditioner has a heat pump that allows the air conditioner to also provide heating to your business. These units can eliminate the need for you to buy a separate heating unit and can therefore provide great cost savings to your business.

Adjustable Fans

Traditional air conditioners had at most three fans speeds to choose from. This meant that it was very difficult to get and maintain the exact temperature you wanted in a room. Today top quality air conditioners have variable fan speeds allowing you two achieve and maintain the exact temperature you want all the time.

Additionally today’s air conditions have clear displayed energy efficiency ratings detailing exactly what your energy costs will be based on how you operate the unit. And e sure to select a reputable company that offers high quality commercial installation of whatever unit you select.