Modern Globe Chandelier – Top Designing Ideas for Elegant Interior Design of Your Home  

Chandeliers have become an essence of elegant interior design and glamour. It can transform your traditional home into a beautiful and impressive modern home. You can find them in modern, contemporary, and rustic designs in a round, sputnik, rectangular, and globe-shaped.

A modern eye-catching linear design of a glass globe chandelier, available online at Sofary, is an extremely versatile and elegant design for all interiors. Sofary is located in Seattle, U.S.A. and has all types of latest chandeliers from reputed manufacturers across the globe. You can save up to 80% as compared to local store prices as they directly ship your order from their partnered manufacturers.

Apart from free shipping, Sofary also provides an affiliate program through which you can earn commission on each sale. Their W 39.4″ x D 10.6″ x H 10.8″ glass globe linear chandelier has 16 LED bulbs and an adjustable hanging rod to illuminate your dining room, kitchen and bedroom elegantly.

What are the benefits of globe chandelier lighting?

A globe chandelier, in any of your rooms, is the focal point of all interior designs. They are available in various sizes, types, and styles to provide bright and elegant natural lighting effects to all types of rooms. With a simple design fixture, they are easy to clean and maintain on regular basis. You can position them anywhere in your room, owing to their simple design with artistic and vibrant glare.

Whether you need ambiance for a dark corner of your room or the entire room, the versatility of globe chandeliers suffices the purpose of adding a charmingly bright and elegant glow to it.

Use different globe chandeliers for your rooms

Undoubtedly, globe chandeliers are the easiest and simplest way to add a stunning and dazzling look to your rooms. Here are a few tips to elegantly brighten each corner of your room –

1. Dining Rooms – Dining rooms are a special place for the entire family to eat and chat with loved ones. A well-designed dining room is vital for your mood and appetite.

You can install a modern globe chandelier with rings around a circular dining table to provide the artistic pleasure of having dinner across a lakeside on your anniversary.

2. Bathrooms – A large or small master bathroom will look incredibly stunning with a globe linear style sputnik chandelier. It provides abundant light for better visual ability. You can easily and safely wipe off moisture on regular basis from the chandelier.

3. Living Rooms – Your living room is the heart of your family where they spend most of their time. It is also endowed with some rare interior designs to welcome your guests.

You can install a candle-style brass vintage globe chandelier above the seating arrangement for the classy and modern rustic effects. It effectively increases the artistic value of wall paintings and artworks of your interior.

4. Kitchens – Your kitchen requires a vintage look with a high ambiance for clear visibility of each corner. This is a must to avoid any unwanted insects in your food. The contemporary and aesthetic design of a modern glass globe linear chandelier is best used for large kitchen.