Crowdfunding for Buying Vehicles for a low-income School

Indian public education is in shambles. Be it schools or colleges, the quality of education is deteriorating by the day. With increasing efforts at privatization, it is always the rich schools that have the best facilities. The condition is so dire that the poor have to seek education through crowdfunding websites nowadays.

Centred on these schools, transport has turned out to be a lucrative business, meaning that both the public and private high-income schools in the Indian system have tons of buses and carpools owned by people who operate along fixed routes.

So it is not surprising that in the rural areas populated by low-income schools, the condition is absolutely terrible. There is more often than not no proper road system leading to the schools to begin with, and even if there is, in most cases there is no proper lighting along those roads. The poor students are left to walk for miles both to and from school each day. This especially affects the girls who manage to reach schools after overcoming all sorts of social prejudices pitted against them. Once they start menstruating, their health, the social evils acting against them, and unsafe roads lined with liquor shops without proper lighting become the new demons to deal with. Those who live in the semi-urban areas or are relatively better off, can manage to afford their own vehicles, or rely on transportation like rickshaws, autos, bicycles, etc.

Under such conditions, arranging for a transport system for public schools in low-income areas is really important. And this can be done with the help of crowdfunding sites in India.

Crowdfunding is a platform capable and powerful enough to arrange for vehicles for low-income schools so that the children are not inconvenienced by anything while travelling It would also save a lot of time and take the unnecessary pressure off their young shoulders.

All you need to do is to come up with a very clear statement regarding what you want to do and put it up in the best crowdfunding platforms in India. Start small, and proceed according to the success rate of the campaign. Put up videos with those who would be benefitted and show how their lives would be impacted by all the help.