Some properties of wild symbols in online slots

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Online slot machine games are highly popular among the players. To add fun and attract players, online casinos use free spins, bonus rounds etc. All the best online pokies and the others have the wild symbols these days. Wild symbols are substitute symbols that can replace any other symbols to get winning combination. Apart from the feature to help get winning combination by replacing the existing symbols, wild symbols also have some other properties. It is important that you know the major features of wild symbols to add excitement in the online slot machine games.

What to know about wild symbols?

  • There are many online casinos that use different techniques to create an exciting gaming environment. Slot machines with different themes are available online which can be found on online casino user reviews news. Wild symbols are vital to these themes of online pokies. Wild offer the largest line payouts and often perform as multiplier in some games. So when you get the winning combination using the wild symbol, payouts in the payout table are multiplied by a fixed number specified in the rules of the game.
  • Stacked wild is a special type of wild symbol which appears on stacks of two or three reels. When the wild symbols appears on stack of three, payout increases highly.
  • Exploding wilds are another type of wild symbol where after the reels stops an event occurs which changes some of the symbols randomly into wild symbols. In some games the change occurs suddenly while in other games it is a smooth transition.
  • Expanding wild is a similar form of stacked wild symbols. In the expanding wild symbols, the wild symbols expand to fill the entire reel and not just distinct three symbols on reels. In many games today this is used where the symbols slowly occupy the entire reel with the help of advance animation techniques.