Taking a Close Look at Permanent Makeup

Perfectly shaped eyebrows, lovely red lips and flattering eyeliner; permanent makeup is a promise that you can go to work, sweat for hours in the gym, dance to your heart’s content, take long showers and still wake up with your makeup in place. These cosmetic tattoos are phased by nothing. When you decide to get your makeup permanent, it is best to choose someone skilled for this procedure because it will be safe in their hands.

Application of makeup permanently is regarded as micropigmentation, similar to the tattoos you get on the skin. A needle is used for placing pigmented granules beneath the skin’s upper layer. The most popular cosmetic enhancement is getting permanent eyeliner and is followed by eyebrows and lip color. There are some practitioners that also offer to do eye shadow and blush, if you want.

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Most of these procedures are performed after an anesthetic is applied onto the skin. Once the initial procedure is finished, you may have to go in for a touch-up, but this is after a month or even three months later in some cases. The practitioners who can make the makeup permanent include dermatologists, aestheticians, tattoists, cosmetologists and nurses. However, before you decide on a practitioner, it is recommended that you research them thoroughly as the wrong choice can lead to a major disaster for you.

There are also chances of an allergic reaction due to which you should only consider a professional who has had experiencing in the procedure and can guide you properly.