The Strong Options for the Psychotherapy for Depression

There is no strict rule about this. You may stop your therapy at any time and you may not be required to continue therapy or pay fees in advance. That said, the psychologist can end psychotherapy when the personal goals set are largely achieved. It is not necessary to have everything settled to put an end to psychotherapy; It is common to follow a psychotherapy and then meet the psychologist again a few months or years later, as is done for other consultations.

Sometimes the local therapists put an end to psychotherapy, for example when his career leads him to work in another sector or because he considers that the help of another professional would be more appropriate. In such circumstances, the psychologist is required to ensure that such termination is not prejudicial to you.

Should I continue taking my medication?

The psychologist does not prescribe medication. If a medication is already in progress or seems appropriate for you, after your authorization, a collaboration will be established between your doctor, the psychologist and you, in order to coordinate the medical and psychotherapeutic treatment. This collaboration is becoming more common, for example in the treatment of certain physical problems (ulcers, heart failure, pain control, etc.).

Trust me, there’s always something good , bad that a lesson goes to get stronger

Be kind to yourself

Fight depression: love each other

  • When you feel down, you have a tendency to make things worse.
  • Worse, you also feel guilty and are very strict with yourself.
  • So you don’t help to fight depression, rather what could help you is having a friend and not an enemy.
  • Begin by being yourself the best friend of yourself and try to understand your actions without judging them and without using only a negative and self-destructive vision.

Combat depression: live the present

We have no power over the future and unfortunately not even in the past.

So it’s totally useless to stand there worrying about what might happen tomorrow. Or worse still grieve for what happened yesterday.

A good thing of the past is precisely that it has passed.

If you stop worrying about it, the result will be that you will get rid of it and can begin to live the present in its fullness.

Always try to stay in the present since, not only is it much more manageable, but it is also the time when you lay the foundations of what your future will be.

Do not lose connection with others

When we do not feel in top form, the temptation to close completely to the outside world is very strong.

The reality is that isolating yourself will only make you feel worse. Staying at home in solitude is not a good way to fight depression, on the contrary, it risks increasing it.

Having a social life can give you the possibility to get support from your friends and to recover energy through the exchange with others.

Choose a routine and follow it

Establishing a daily routine and respecting it is of fundamental importance.

It will give you a sense of regularity and stability, which is of great help in the event of depression.

Even if you don’t want to, make sure you get up at the same time every day, eat at regular times, have an orderly sleep pattern and exercise daily.