Professional Landscaping Conway Arkansas Helps Prevent Mold Growth

It’s no secret that professional landscaping Conway Arkansas makes the home more comfortable by helping to beautify the exterior. No doubt, a well-maintained exterior will increase the value of a home. You’ll definitely get great value for money if you decide to list your property on the market. Yes, you may feel stressed and exhausted while implementing your landscaping project. However, you will be filled with joy upon completing the task. Furthermore, professorial landscaping Conway Arkansas if properly implemented and maintained provides the much-needed protection against water intrusion and mold damage within your home.

There are factors to consider when planning professional landscaping. This includes the soil type and grade that surrounds your foundations. It is important that the soil type makes a better breeding ground for the vegetation. Also, it should provide great drainage with little to no maintenance. A combination of soil types and aggregate is often used and is determined by the unique circumstances of the area. There are some of the factors most professional landscaping Conway Arkansas will look into. This will help them achieve positive drainage away from the building wall. The impact of a poorly landscaped area with minimal maintenance will reflect on the foundation area. This, in turn, results in water build-up around the walls of the foundation. This results in increased hydrostatic pressure. And when this occurs, it becomes a breeding ground for moisture which finds its way into the home through the foundation wall. If you have an unfinished basement, one of the warning signs of mold growth is that you will begin to see the manifestation of efflorescence. That’s not usually the case for a finished basement as these signs can go undiscovered for many years. However, the high humidity level in the basement areas coupled with the cold temperatures in this section of the home, will further enhance the growth of mold on the exterior side of the walls.

If you are considering building a deck, you need to first consider professional landscaping. Since the deck will eventually cover the soil beneath, it reduces drying rate which may negatively impact your basement, especially if the drainage isn’t functioning as expected. This is why it is essential to have a professional landscaping Conway Arkansas to help with the implementation process. This way, you don’t have to worry about a new deck bringing about mold growth in the home.

Also, you need to consider the position and condition of trees that surround the home. Most trees will shed their leaves that may clog the gutters and drainage system thus resulting in water build-up around the foundation. On the other hand, large branches that extend over the home may damage the roof at some point in time. As a tree grows, the roots extend and grow bigger. Depending on the location of the tree, the roots may damage the foundation walls and floors.

Hiring a professional landscaping company in Conway Arkansas can help you prevent mold growth in your home.