What Is Industrial Revolution and Its Link with Digital Factory?

Many years ago things were produced by hands. But later the industrial revolution changed everything and people started using machinery for manufacturing purposes.

The industrial revolution is just another name of development in producing everyday goods. It is a planned effort which could bring positive change to the production of daily routine goods.

Basically, the industrial revolution is the name of the replacement of muscular power with machines.

History Of Industrial Revolution:

Industrial Revolution took place in the 18th century in textile industries and later, textile industries have commenced their work on a large scale.

After that industrial revolution traveled to the United States of America and then industries started making many other household products. Industrial revolution spread out from textile industries to many other industries, like furniture and many other household items.

At the end of the 18th century, many people migrated from villages to urban areas to work in factories and mills.

Later cement industry, steam power expansion, innovation in iron and steel process, glass making, paper machines, and different other industries established in the same century.

The industrial revolution is a never-ending process. It will keep on changing in other to update modern world requirements.

Link of Industrial Revolution with Digital Factory:

Industrial expert divides the industrial revolution into four different stages. Industrial revolution 1.0, 2.0, 3.0, 4.0, and now in this modern digital world Industrial revolution 4.0 brings lots of changes. Industrial revolution 4.0 can also be considered as a digital revolution. Many industrialists change their basic factories to the digital factory. Digitalization is the most important part of the industrial revolution. The main purpose of digital factories is to maximize the efficiency of machinery and to reduce the workload of employees.

In the future workers of industries must possess digital knowledge to work efficiently. Industrialists use 3D technologies to change their industry look.

In the industrial revolution, 4.0 digital factories have a significant place to increase the quality and quantity of work.