Ways To Have The Cocktail Sauce

All of us love having classic shrimp dipped with seafood sauce (น้ํา จิ้ม ซี ฟู๊ , which is the term in Thai). But there are a plethora of available spices, and before buying one, you should check the tako wasabi price. 

Different Types Of Seafood Choices Available

  • Hollandaise Sauce

It is genuinely a fantastic recipe loaded with buttery and lemon puree, which goes hand in hand with almost all types of grilled fishes besides eggs and veggies. Even though it is a classic seafood sauce, you don’t need to be a pro chef as you can cook it in no time.

  • Bercy Sauce

The Bercy sauce indeed got its name from a town in Paris, and the sauce just goes perfectly with all types of seafood dishes besides fishes. The sauce is made from white wine and finely chopped callouts. Even though it is readily available, you must consider checking the tako wasabi price (ทา โกะ วา ซา บิ ราคา, term in Thai) before buying it. 

  • Normandy Sauce

If you are looking for a classical seafood sauce, then you must know that Normandy sauce is your best bet. It is not only ideal for grilled fish but also seafood. It is mainly made with a fish veloute besides finely chopped mushrooms. It can be thickened with a perfect mixture of egg yolks and a heavy cream known as liaison. 

  • White Wine Sauce

If you are looking for some basic seafood sauce, then white wine sauce is one of the best options for you. It goes perfectly with almost all the seafood and fishes. The sauce is built based on other classical spices, including herb sauce, shrimp puree, and vinegar. 

  • Herb Seafood Sauce

The herb seafood sauce is a creamy white sauce that features fresh parsley, tarragon, chives. The ingredients are mainly added to basic white wine puree. If one doesn’t like all these herbs, they are free to add whatever herbs they like. All they need to ensure is that the herbs are fresh and not dried. People can also consider sticking to the soft leafed herbs instead of the rosemary as it is quite woody.

  • Beuree Blanc

It is ideally a butter-based puree that goes perfectly with all types of seafood. It is a fantastic sauce that one can whip over almost all the dishes.