Easy beaten coffee recipe

In 2020, when coronavirus came upon us and left us cooped up in our homes, there were many things we did to keep ourselves entertained. One of them was Dalgona coffee. The whole world tried their hand at this beaten coffee recipe and, while some managed, some gave up after trying hard! Yet through all of this, the love people have for coffee was evident.

Coffee is an essential part of millions of peoples’ daily lives. Dalgona coffee became an interesting addition to these lives last year after its popularity grew. Dalgona coffee requires rigorous hard work if you do not have a blender handy. To make the frothy brown-golden foamy liquid, one needs to constantly beat a mixture of water, coffee and sugar. That usually takes a while to make by hand, but the Sunbean Beaten Caffe Strong does this rigorous task for you. With the Sunbean Beaten Caffe Strong, Dalgona coffee is ready within a few minutes!

The Sunbean Beaten Caffe Strong is the beaten mix of strong-flavoured coffee, sugar and water. It is golden and thick and makes for the perfect cup of beaten coffee. With the Sunbean Beaten Caffe Strong, you need no additional coffee or sugar, just milk!

Follow this easy beaten coffee recipe for a delicious cup of coffee

The simplest way to use this product is to boil milk and use hot milk to mix with a spoonful of the Sunbean Beaten Caffe Strong to get a balanced cappuccino to feel to your homemade coffee. For Dalgona coffee, first, pour the hot milk in a mug and top it off with a spoon or two of the Sunbean Beaten Caffe Strong and, you have for yourself a mugful of Dalgona goodness. All this is very hassle-free and does not require more than a couple of minutes!

Coffee made at home with instant powder and milk can be dull and very one dimensional. The Sunbean Beaten Caffe Strong gives you the added creamy richness you miss in your homemade coffee. It takes a shorter time than average coffees but provides a total café-like experience with its frothiness and balanced and strong coffee taste.

Cold beaten coffee recipe with Sunbean Beaten Caffe Strong

If you want a cold coffee experience, Sunbean Beaten Caffe Strong provides it for you too. All you have to do is add a few drops of hot water with one spoon of Sunbean Beaten Caffe Strong and mix. Into this mix, pour cold milk to achieve the creamy and frothy cold coffee. If you like ice and flavour in your cold coffees, you can also add cinnamon powder or ice to enhance your beverage!

Sunbean Beaten Caffe Strong is an easy fix if you like having flavoursome, frothy coffee but have no time for blenders or beating coffee by hand. Just add the Sunbean Beaten Caffe Strong to your desired coffee drink. Not just Beaten coffee or cold coffee, one can even make lattes and cappuccinos with this mix.

Sunbean Beaten Caffe Strong is rich in taste that does not require refrigeration. Just keeping it in a cool place and away from direct sunlight is good. This product does not have any added preservatives and is safe and healthy to consume with no ill effects. The Sunbean Beaten Caffe Strong is the easiest way to get a luxurious coffee experience instantly, at whatever time of the day!