All About Ablerex UPS RS SERIES


Ablerex focuses on the electronic fields to manufacture power converter products. The products launch green energy for the globe, promote electricity usage stability, and improve the quality of electricity. They invest significant resources in technical development and research. They continue to enhance service spots so that they can establish global marketing channels. 

Ablerex UPS RS SERIES is an online dual conversion UPS with a complete digital individual processor control technology. It is one of the most cost-effective solutions for task users. These users ask for high performance and authenticity from the UPS.


The salient features of Ablerex UPS RS SERIES are as follows:

  • Modern Digital Control Technology
  • Emergency Switchoff Control via EPO
  • Expanded Runtime Capability
  • Complimentary Battery Storage
  • Optional Powerful Charger
  • Optional Power Shedding
  • Programmed Parameter Setting
  • Frequency Window/ Vast Input Voltage

Technical Specifications


The voltage range of Ablerex UPS RS SERIES 110 Vac to 300 Vac. They are based on the load percentage of the electricity. The frequency range is between 45 Hz and 65 Hz. It has a single-phase with the ground. Therefore, the power factor more than or equal to 0.99 with the full straight load.


The output voltage is 230 V that is variable from 200 V to 240 V. The voltage regulation is less than equal to one percent until the battery signifies low. The frequency is between 3 Hz or 1 Hz. The current crest ratio is 3:1. The harmonic distribution is less than 3 percent at full load and less than 6 percent at full non-variable load. Hence, the output waveform is a pure sine wave.

Overload Capacity

If the overload capacity is less than 105 percent, the battery mode is continuous in Ablerex UPS RS SERIES. Moreover, when it is from 106 percent to 120 percent per 30 seconds, the battery transfers to bypass. When it is between 121 percent to 150 percent per 10 seconds, the line mode again transfers to bypass. When it is more than 150 percent, the battery mode moves to diversion immediately. 

Audible Alarm

In battery mode, the audible alarm rings once every 1.5 seconds. When the battery becomes low, it sounds once every 0.2 seconds. In overload mode, it rings once every three seconds. While the standard alarm also rings once every three seconds. If there is a fault in the audible alarm, it will ring continuously.