Ways to get rid of shoes from bad smell

Of course, the first thing to do is to rid your feet of an unpleasant odour. To do this, you can use a cream with deodorizing substances or an antiperspirant for the feet, which will reduce perspiration. But all these tools will only mask the bad aroma, and the problem will remain. Therefore, it is best to do the following:

   – Take foot baths. Especially good are baths of sea salt, strong brewed tea, and vinegar, lemon juice. Do not forget about contrasting douche, which will help to reduce the outflow of blood to the legs and reduce sweating. Foot baths with the following medicinal herbs have proven themselves very well: oak bark, chamomile, and calendula;

    – Use the following products: talc, soda, corn starch. Applying them to the surface of the feet, you will reduce perspiration and create an environment that is unfavourable for bacteria that cause odours;

    – Wash your feet with antibacterial soap and apply lavender oil. Soap will kill the bacteria, and the oil will provide a pleasant smell to the feet. Rub your feet with a little lavender oil and put on natural socks. In just a few treatments, the bad foot odour will disappear and sweating will decrease.

Do your shoes smell bad? Wipe its inside with hydrogen peroxide, potassium permanganate, or vinegar. But this must be done carefully not to damage the product. An excellent remedy is tea tree oil. Dissolve it in a small amount of water and treat the shoes in Manhattan with liquid from the inside. This oil is considered as a good antiseptic, so it can kill bacteria and eliminate an unpleasant odour.

For effective absorption of aroma, it is worth using baking soda or activated carbon. Just put the chosen product in shoes and leave it overnight. In the morning, remove any remaining coal or soda. Try eliminating the smell with cedar wood or cloves. Just put them inside the shoe and leave it there for a few days. In this way, you can use green tea. Place the tea bags for absorption the unpleasant aroma.

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