5 Tips for Menopause Relief

According to statistics, in 45-50 years, most women start to have menopause. For some, it passes almost imperceptibly, while others experience it very acutely, trying to cope with mood swings, hot flashes, a breakdown, lack of libido, and night sweats. How to prepare for the upcoming changes in the women’s body and gain at least a little menopause relief?

  1.  Know what to expect to define menopause 

The definition of menopause is – it is a natural part of the reproductive aspect of the health of every woman reaching the age of 45-50. However, if mothers usually talk about the first menstruation with girls and explain to them what changes will soon happen to their body and why, then, as a rule, no one prepares women for menopause and, also, no one tells them how to receive menopause relief.

Therefore, it is fundamentally important to expect when having the menopausal transition – primarily, armed with all the necessary information and menopause definition. Females should know: 

  • what happens to the body during this period; 
  • why hormonal fluctuations so affect the well-being; 
  • how long the restructuring will take; 
  • what the body will experience after menopause.  

All these are absolutely normal and not embarrassing questions, the study of which will help define menopause, survive the difficult stage easier and gain menopause relief. 

  1. Adjust nutrition 

During menopause, many women become overweight, which often turns into visceral obesity. A set of extra pounds is most often associated with a decrease in the level of estrogen – a hormone involved in weight control processes, as well as with a slowdown in metabolism and loss of muscle mass. Therefore, the body needs help and medical information menopause: reconsider the usual diet, introduce more vegetables and protein products into it, reduce sugar and starch.  

  1. Monitor vitamin status 

Since overweight is a risk factor for vitamin D deficiency, women in menopause are advised to monitor the level of this vitamin and adjust it if necessary.

In addition, vitamins A, E, and C, and folic acid will become important trace elements during this period: they have a general strengthening effect on the body and help to cope with mood swings and edema, according to medical information menopause. 

  1. Sports

An active lifestyle is useful not only to stabilize the psycho-emotional status and have a menopause relief but also as a way to keep weight under control. It does not have to be exhausting workouts: it is best to choose a sport that allows you to keep fit and at the same time brings joy and peace. Nordic walking, yoga, water aerobics, swimming, and long walks in the fresh air are good for menopause relief.

  1. Establish new habits and get rid of old ones  

Changes that occur with the organism, can be an excellent occasion to reconsider your lifestyle to have menopause relief. Firstly, it is necessary to normalize the regime of the day and have, at least, eight hours of sleep. Secondly, it is recommended to refuse cigarettes, alcohol, spicy and fried foods, cocoa, coffee, and other energy drinks, as they increase hot flashes – sudden onset of heart attacks, accompanied by a rapid heartbeat.