Custom Jewelry to Capture Remarkable Moments

Just like each of us, our fingerprints come across distinct ranges of life. While the core pattern of ridges remains constant, the clarity, definition, and individuality change over time, reflecting our own life’s journey. Precious Memories are keepsakes that offer remembrances of the one who has handed in a specific and persuasive manner with a tangible imprint that captures the particular impression. Captured from an inked fingerprint, handprint, or footprint, each one is both specific and everlasting retaining in valuable metal each line and contour for limitless generations to come. 

The choice to take into account a lost loved one through mementos and keepsakes is going again as a way of human history. Whether it’s a locket of hair, a photograph, a letter or some other private item, we’ve continually felt pressured to keep in mind those who’ve left us with something we will see and contact long after they are gone. Any number of Precious Memories Keepsakes Of different types and with different engravings can be customized as custom fingerprint jewelry from the same impression. We offer an impressive variety of keepsakes to fit every need and lifestyle, including:

  • Pendants
  • Earrings
  • Rings
  • Charms
  • Key chains
  • Custom requests
  • Cremation Keepsakes
  • Dimples
  • Armed services Dog Tags
  • Tie Tacs

Personalized Fingerprint Jewelry

Each individual touches our coronary heart in a manner it’s as particular as a fingerprint. These custom made, sterling silver pendants are a heartfelt manner of honoring the mark that a person has made in your life. Order the pendant, and you’ll first acquire a unique kit with instructions for growing a fingerprint mold. 

Make one with your print to give to a friend or one with your loved ones or both. All components are non-toxic, and the process is safe and straightforward. Fingerprints of young adults have had the opportunity to grow and develop and tend to offer clear and distinct ridges. Your Loved One’s print is engraved, polished, and handled with care to deliver a truly unique and custom Keepsake honoring the life of your Loved One.

Turn a memory into a treasure.

Fingerprints tell the stories of our lives. From birth to death, we have the same fingerprints that uniquely identify us as an individual. As a little one, we have very tiny ridges that are not well defined. As an adult, we have clear crisp prints. Around middle age, indentation lines appear. When we are mature, our creases are plentiful, and the ridges are worn down. We can trace the path of our lives through the ridges of our fingerprints. Fingerprints in babies up through toddler years are very compact and not yet thoroughly developed, frequently ensuing in much less awesome ridges. 

During these growing years, a full hand or footprint is regularly captured in lieu of a single fingerprint. Items that show the Littlest Prints symbol can accommodate a little one hand or footprint. Your Loved One’s fingerprint photo might also have more or much less defining characteristics depending on factors that include their lifestyle reports and the fingerprint series process. Please touch us with any questions about what you can expect out of your Loved One’s fingerprint.