Washing techniques for baby accessories:

As babies are very tiny in size but they required a bundle of clothes than a mature person. It gets very hard for mums to manage to wash them daily. And there is a traditional saying that if you buy new clothes for your newly born baby always remember to wash them before make them wear it will help from hygiene purposes. It will remove all the dirt and dust the clothes might get while packaging and displaying as baby skin is more sensitive a gets reacted quickly. And for washing purpose there are different baby detergents and fabric softener that might eliminate skin problems and help in removing dirt and stain without making the cloth rough. There are specific detergent made up of special formula, especially for babies’ cloth but if you are not using some baby detergent kindly wash your baby clothes separately from your daily laundry. Make sure to read the label before washing any baby cloth as every cloth has its own way to wash and can get damage.

Precautions to take before washing baby clothes:

As newly born baby immune system is in process and can catch germs and disease very quickly. It is very important to take some precaution steps will wash their clothes. Washing baby accessories like clothes, blanket [ผ้าห่ม, which is the term in Thai], napkins in wthe ashing machine might not be enough to remove all dirt bacteria from them. Which results in direct effect on immune system. Already discussed to check the label before washing any cloth as washing instructions are given to understand the nature of a material. Soak the clothes before washing it, as it will help to remove extra dirt.

Why babies clothes should be wash separately:

 It is important to wash Baby clothes separately because it will prevent the baby clothes form other bacteria. As other clothes transfer bacteria really fast. Additional information make sure after washing soak the clothes in warm water in order to get 100% bacteria free clothes.