Cute Nails Art Design We All Love To Wear- Nail Art Ideas 2018

Cute nails art designs are here with us again. This round it is fashionable, chic and sophisticated. This is the best nail art design to express your character. The style incorporates some really stunning and modern nail trends for any event or fun.

If you are getting late to the party, we give you our backing and will ensure that your nail design will amaze everyone and want to be close to you just to get a glimpse of your timelessly designed nails.  Check out some of these beautiful nail designs for your inspiration.

  1. Beachy Summer Design

Are you going on a vacation or you are planning for your beach trip? Well, whatever you are preparing for, this is the suitable design that will make your trip or vacation memorable. It is a glam twist universal beachy nail design since it features darker shades rather than light pastel hues. The gold shimmer adds to extra glitter and somehow gives a sand touch to this style. The subtle starfish décor highlights the blue polish extraordinarily.

  1. Understated Red Nail Design

Red has and remains number one colour in our list when it comes to cute nails designs. However, considering muted red can give flirty results you will love. And if you are searching for something bizarre to rock your first date or to show off to your friends during that bridal shower, these cute nail designs will help you achieve that. They are sophisticated as well as sassy in their way.

  1. Purple Ombre Nails

This is amongst the coolest nail designs for 2018. Rather than using pastel hue, this nail art transition from blue to subtle light purple. It is a suitable design for the winter or the fall and particularly for Halloween if you are looking for something that is subtly understated and exciting.

  1. Winter Nail Design

Though the winter is yet to come, considering these winter nail designs cannot be the wrong thing to do now. They are ideal nail designs for the winter. They incorporate white and silver colours which are superb winter hues and drawing a small polar bear will make your design quite complementary to winter and everything related to the winter season. Think about white polar bears.

  1. Rainbow Nail Art Design

For the first time, forget about light colours and opt for this cute nails art design. The blend of glitter and white is not something new. However, these nails bring together the two art trends superbly. This reminds us of the 90’s trend such as Lisa Frank. This nail design is a perfect reminiscent of that. Who doesn’t love to go bold with beautiful multi-colors? I fear there is no one.