Guide to select the right Plus Size Shapewear for Women

Every size and body is unique and beautiful and everyone should be confident, irrespective of what they are wearing. This is why Lover-Beauty brings you a wide selection of best shapewear for women for the women on the plus side. The plus-size shapewear enhance your assets and help you get a smooth and seamless figure while you are dressed up.

Not all plus-size shapewear are same and this is why it is important for you to know what you are shopping for before you buy. Know the style and size which are feasible for you.  

How to choose the right size shapewear?

The idea to find the best plus-size shapewear commences with appropriate sizing. In order to accentuate your curves and get the most appealing look for your body, you should take precise measurements and use them suitably.

For shapewear measurements, you should measure your bust, waist and hips. Make sure you take measurements when you are planning to buy new shapewear.

Tips to take measurements

For your measurements, make sure you use vinyl measuring tape. It should lay flat on your body. Do not stretch it tightly; you should at least insert two fingers underneath. But, don’t let it hang loose too.   

For most precise results, you can ask someone to help you with it.

  • For the bust: measure around the full area of your breasts.
  • For the waist: measure around your waist which is 2-inches above the belly button.
  • For the hips: measure around the full area of your hips.

Once you have taken the measurement, check out the sizing chart available on the website.  Remember the size differs from one brand to another. Hence make sure you check the sizing chart according to the recommendations mentioned on the website. 

How to choose the right style of shapewear?

Once you have picked the right size of the plus-size shapewear, it is time to choose the style which suits your needs best. The varieties in shapewear depend on the cut, material and compression level. The shapewear you choose depends on the areas you want to target, its comfort level and your preferences.

Occasion and type of dress: Are you going to need it for a formal event or a casual use? Do you need workout gear? Formal wear needs high compression shapewear to accentuate your curves in a perfect-fit attire. If you are looking for a workout gear, then go for waist trainer wholesale to ensure that you get the perfect fit for your workout.

Target areas: Plus size women have amazing curves but they can end up on different areas. If you want to smooth your waist, thighs, buttock, tummy or all the areas, then focus on the areas accordingly.

Shaping objectives: Do you want slim your body or smooth your midsection? Do you wish to cover and control your butts and hips? Whether you want to focus on one area or overall shape your body, you can pick cheap shapewear for women accordingly. Keep in mind the effects of different compression level and cuts of the shapewear.