The Right Choices in House Moving for You

If the road transport is over 1.5 tons in total weight, the company must also have a certificate of professional competence issued following an exam to be taken in the province where it is based.The moving from Flyttebyrå Oslo company also has insurance coverage proportional to the value of the goods and not only in relation to the pounds transported. You can opt for the house movers Singapore there now.

Other additional certifications that the removal company may have are:

  • Enrollment in the AITI (Italian Trader Relocation Association).
  • International certifications that assess the quality and ethics of work (ISO 9000 and 8000).

The contract that protects citizens when they take on a removal company

The Italian Chamber of Commerce has published a standard contract on furniture and personal effects removals at national and international level, to protect consumers and companies.

According to this model, movers must personally take care of the goods loading phase, with a precise estimate of the material volume. They must also take care of studying the place of loading and unloading well, also in relation to the reassembly and parking of the means of transport.

Planning is fundamental for the functioning of the service, particularly in large cities where these needs are even more pronounced, also in light of the high population density, the often problematic road and logistic spaces.

This contract includes:

  • All stages of the move.
  • The technical inspection.
  • The listing of expenses.
  • The preparation of furnishings and personal effects.
  • The transfer from the place of origin to the destination by land, sea or air.
  • Export customs operations (if necessary).
  • Delivery and eventual stop in the warehouse.

How to choose the moving company if you move abroad?

If it is within the European Community, moving companies can carry out international removals with truck transport, without specific documentation. For countries that are not part of the EEC, instead, bureaucracy is more complex. Moving companies also normally deal with authorizations and permits for transport from one state to another. Usually it is possible to send everything free, therefore with the exemption from customs taxes.

How to choose the best moving company?

Are you faced with various offers and do not know how to select a moving company that can offer you the best service at the most affordable price? There are some elements to consider when choosing the removal company, especially if:

  • The registered office and the VAT number are shown on the website.
  • The quote is presented on company letterhead, it is clear, detailed and includes all the services offered and the related cost.
  • It offers the possibility of inspection to personally assess the volume of the goods to be transported and the conditions of accessibility to the house.
  • When choosing, compare more and more quotes and don’t get attracted by excessively low offers, which can hide an absence of professionalism.

Consider all the variables of the cost of your move: the price of a company will be higher than in a small town, and the move is more expensive if you transport furniture.

Pay attention to the disposal of packaging or furniture. It must always be carried out respecting the environment and the relative standards.

Elements to consider when choosing a company for your move

Another important element when selecting a removal company concerns the details of the work. The more information you give to the company, the more accurate the quote will be.