Crowdfunding can help you save history: Find out how you can start online fundraisers for preserving heritage buildings

It is our duty to maintain and preserve our forefathers’ achievements, to honor and protect them, so that their efforts do not go to waste. But maintenance of achievements like enormous buildings or palace can be extremely difficult and is extremely expensive. Heritage buildings are mammoth and elaborate and maintenance of even a small part of it requires huge amount of money. Crowdfunding India says that instead of giving up your life savings to preserve the memory you cherish, you should avail crowdfunding.

Heritage preservation or restoration campaign projects are for buildings in precarious condition but which have an immense historical significance. If you want to preserve any such building then start an online crowdfunding campaign today with an assigned goal amount and describing explicitly that how much work is to be done or what you intend to do once the work is done.

You will have to hire architects, engineers, contracts, buy construction components, all of which is extremely expensive. Crowdfunding India says that you would not receive any housing loan for this from the bank. Especially if you are not the owner of the house, if you just stumbled upon its history and wanted to preserve it.

Crowdfunding India suggests that to get the donors’ attention, you can include a video about the heritage site and a narrative about the site’s heritage impact, history, and importance for its community. Then promote their crowdfunding initiative through social media, upload high quality pictures of the site and write interesting contents regularly. Crowdfunding to save a local heritage sight within the locality is already in practice, but if you want the project to get international attention then crowdfunding is the only way to go. Crowdfunding India says that crowdfunding this project can not only help save the building but create a international awareness about it.

In order to get support from the government, you need a not-for-profit charitable organizations or recognized community groups to pursue your project. Otherwise you may not get the funding. Crowdfunding India says that if you want to support this project with the help of the crowd and nothing else, then the process will be incredibly simpler and easier. But you have to furnish ample documents to prove the heritage status of the building.

Eligible heritage places may include heritage buildings, landscapes, natural areas or districts within a community. Crowdfunding India suggests that you compel the crowd and probably guilt them into believing that what loss it would be to them, to let a part of their history perish like this. Once you start the campaign keep on posting regular updates about the project and keep on presenting balance sheets and the budget and how you are spending the money. Ask for your donors’ opinion, let them decide certain courses of action. Crowdfunding India says that this makes the donors feel involved and this will also increase your legitimacy in their eyes. You can visit the Crowdfunding India webpage to know more about how to use crowdfunding tok save heritage sites.