The Most Common Causes of Male Infertility

For a long time, fertility issues tended to center around the female in the relationship. However, with new research, it has been found that male infertility is an issue for couples one-third of the time. If you are concerned about male infertility in your relationship, it may be time to see a male infertility doctor in New York.

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Here are the most common reasons for male infertility:

  • Hormone issues and disorders
  • Injuries to the groin area
  • Past surgeries to the groin area, such as vasectomies or hernia repair
  • Radiation exposure or exposure to other toxins or poisonous chemicals (this is often common in patients of cancer)
  • Past infections in the groin area, such as STDs, mumps after puberty, or UTIs (urinary tract infections)

Generally speaking, infertility in men has to do with either the ejaculation process or with the male’s sperm itself. Here are some specific medical issues that have to do with one or both of these issues:

  • Premature ejaculation
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Previous vasectomy
  • Oligospermia
  • Poor sperm motility or morphology
  • Azoospermia
  • Congenital absence of the vas deferens
  • Ejaculatory duct obstruction
  • Varicocele

How Can Male Infertility Be Diagnosed?

If you’re worried that male infertility may be keeping you and your partner from having a child, diagnosis of a possible male infertility issue will start with a thorough physical examination. There will also be a full medical history and patient interview conducted at the appointment. All of these things will contribute to providing insight for what could be causing the infertility. If you’re unsure whether or not it is you or your spouse who is causing infertility in the relationship, an appointment with a female infertility specialist may be necessary as well.

For men, the next step is likely going to be a sperm analysis. In this case, the male in your relationship will need to provide a sample of sperm, which will then be checked in a lab. The first thing to analyze is the sperm count. Next, the shape, overall health, and movement of the sperm will be examined. Once these tests have been run, your doctor will be able to check for possible solutions to the infertility.

When to See a Male Infertility Doctor New York

It’s best to try to get pregnant with your spouse for several months before turning to the specialists. Sometimes, the best solution is time.

However, for many couples who have been struggling to get pregnant for some time, seeing a male infertility doctor New York is a great way to diagnose the problem. Consider making an appointment with a fertility doctor in your area to explore your medical options. Often, whatever the cause of your infertility may be, there are medical options available to treat the problem and ultimately help you and your partner get pregnant and have a child.