Safety and Style with Ornamental Iron Fencing

If you plan to upgrade your property by enclosing it, you’ll notice you have so many fencing options that it may become difficult to choose. Almost all fences have two things in common, though: define your property boundaries and achieve some degree of safety. When you wish to improve security over that provided by wood, but want to retain your views to the outside world, you’ll want to check out ornamental iron from  Barrier Fence, LLC.

Difficult to Penetrate

Wrought iron fencing offers a sturdy defense against opportunistic intruders of the two-legged variety. Because the metal is strong and holds up very well against impacts, bad guys get the message to move on to easier targets. Plus, tall fences with spiked bars pose a climbing challenge even to the more interested and agile trespasser.

Affords Clear Views

While masonry walls may discourage the uninvited guest more effectively, they also block your view from the inside. Iron fencing allows you to see beyond your property borders and allows outsiders to see in. Commercial enterprises appreciate visibility and homeowners like visual access to neighborhood activity, especially if they live in park-like settings.

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Works Well for Access Gates

Ornamental iron also serves well when you need to restrict access to the grounds. Set between solid pillars, iron won’t bend or break under frequent use, and the mechanical hardware can be made to blend easily with the fence.

Endures for Decades without (much) Maintenance

Unlike wood, ornamental iron fences can last for an extraordinarily long time with very little maintenance. Although iron rusts when exposed to water, wrought iron comes with an industrial paint finish from the factory. Should the paint suffer chips or scrapes, a simple touch-up will restore it to fine function. While the sun and weather can eventually wear away the paint, it would still take decades for exposed iron to rust to the point of failure. In fact, some owners enjoy the patina of a slow rusting fence since they know the fence will likely outlive them. However, if you prefer an ever-new appearance,  Barrier Fence, LLC, recommends simply repainting every 10 or 20 years.

Unmatched Elegance

Finally, ornamental iron, for all of its durability and security, also lends a timeless beauty to any property anywhere. Fencing trends can come and go, but wrought iron always enhances the attractiveness of a home or business. Even simple designs wrap your grounds with elegance. But more intricate and artistic styles veritably embrace an estate in romance.

Versatile iron fencing can easily combine with masonry, stone, wood or other fencing materials to create a style unique to your home or business. If you can manage the higher initial cost, you can reap the rewards of a fence so long-lasting that you may never need to replace it.