The Top 5 Early Cancer Warning Signs

Cancer has become a real health scare in the modern world. Over five million cases of cancer have been reported worldwide in the past one year, and the number keeps on rising. In fact, cancer is currently regarded as one of the leading causes of premature death.However, NYC oncologist says that medical researchers have made significant steps in the fight against the disease. The majority of cancer cases usually show early warning signs which if dealt with at an earlier stage, increases the survival chances of the victim. Below are the top five early cancer warning signs that you should never ignore.

Unusual Changes in Your Skin

Always visit an NYC oncologist whenever you see strange bumps or marks on your body. The marks give a clue to the type of cancer that may be developing in your body. For instance, if the marks appear as dark spots or look red combined with the sprouting of more hair and unexplained rashes, then it could be an early sign of ovarian, kidney or liver cancer.

Unexplained Weight Loss

According to the American Cancer Society, sudden weight loss can also be an early warning sign of cancer. As the cancer cells develop inside your body, they tend to attack the healthy ones, and your body will typically respond by losing weight. Although weight loss can also happen with other health conditions, it may not be so sudden. Undiagnosed cancer patients tend to lose up to 10 pounds or more within a short period, usually three to five days.

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We aren’t talking about the usual fatigue that you may feel after a long day of play or work. This type of fatigue is usually extreme, and it won’t get any better even with enough rest. Fatigue is an early cancer warning sign since the cancer cells use up your body nutrients to grow, so the nutrients are no longer replenishing as expected. The increased competition for nutrients will make you extremely tired and unable to do any work.

Fever Combined with Blood Loss

Fever is always the first body reaction to an infection. Undiagnosed cancer patients will often experience constant fever as an early indication that the cells are spreading to new areas or they are affecting your body’s immune system. Fever combined with unusual bleeding can be an early sign of prostate or rectal cancer.

Belly Pains

This is especially a warning sign to women. If you’re experiencing constant cramps, indigestion, pressure or gas in your belly, then it could be an early indication for ovarian cancer. If the pain is persistent and it starts moving towards your pelvic area, then this could a warning sign for the development of endometrial cancer cells.