Common Mistakes You Must Avoid While Writing Your Dissertation

A lot of students are not clear on how to write an impressive dissertation. They need a proper guidance on how to write an effective dissertation that would help them secure good marks. Without proper direction, they make a few mistakes that reduce effectiveness of their dissertation and fail to secure good grades.


Relevance and focus are the two very important attributes that your work must display. The length of your dissertation can expose you to the risk of straying into insignificant matters and losing grasp on your subject.

Shallow research

When it comes to writing on a heavy topic that requires in-depth analysis, any narrow, or trivial research would not generate adequate depth of discussion. It will, therefore, limit the mark that you are expecting to achieve.


An unexciting topic will imperil your dissertation. You take less interest in researching and writing the essay.

Not starting at the right time

Most of the dissertations are of a word count that goes beyond 10,000 words. Such type of lengthy dissertations needs a good amount to research, write and revise it to ensure quality. When you will start late, then you won’t get enough time to achieve good marks.


Universities nowadays have got very strict against plagiarism. They use sophisticated and effective plagiarism tracking software to identify any copy-paste in their work. For a dissertation to get approved, it has to pass their tracking methodologies. On failing to pass this criterion can even risk your entire academic session. By choosing a reputable essay writing service, their homework help will save you from the troubles of a poor grade; late handing of the assignment, and being caught for plagiarism.


By preventing all these common mistakes, would definitely improve the quality of their dissertation. This will definitely help them secure good marks.