Everything you need to know before you buy a multi slide door

Have you always yearned for that unobstructed view of your beautiful backyard and easy access to the outdoors? If your answer is yes, then you need to consider installing a multi-slide door to your home. With their frame profiles getting thinner and advanced runners that offer smooth operation, the modern multi-slide patio doors are fast becoming the top choice that provides you with a unique connection to your garden and also allows an uninterrupted flow of natural light into your interior spaces. So, are you planning to install a multi-slide patio door in your home? Here is everything that you need to know.

What Are Multi-Slide patio Doors?

The multi slide patio doors are a unique type of sliding doors that usually open like an accordion on a track, and some of them can easily fit into the opening of a standard patio door. Most homeowners prefer the three or four-panel patio door since they are the most economical options and allow in more natural light compared to the other options such as the bi-folding slide doors.

Are There Different Size options?

Yes. The width of multi-slide doors ranges from 0.8 to 3 meters. The height will also have a major impact on the overall size of the door. For instance, if the glass is very tall, the door can be much wide. The other thing that you will need to consider is the weight of the door. If the average weight of your preferred door is more than 600 KG, then you should go for an automated opening system.

Is There a Color Choice?

The color options are vast and always vary depending on a number of factors such as the material used to manufacture the door. For instance, the wooden patio door can either be painted or stained in any RAL color while the aluminum patio doors are usually powder-coated and are low maintenance. The other color variations include dark grey, black, and among others.

So, What Is the Best Material?

Today, the most common and affordable option is the UPVC, but you should keep in mind that it isn’t that strong compared to the other options. Timber is always a classic choice but remember to go for the hardwood and even go for the engineered wood if you aren’t on a budget. Avoid softwood but if you are complemented to go for it, make sure that there is a guarantee. Aluminum also offers a good option that is low maintenance and still provides an uninterrupted view. For the top end of your preferred door, you can go for a frameless structural sliding glass, but it is quite expensive.

Are Multi-Slide Patio Doors Energy-Efficient?

Most homeowners are looking for ways to cut down on their monthly electricity bills and make their homes energy-efficient. Therefore, you might be asking yourself whether this type of door is the right choice for you. The good news is that patio doors are 100% energy efficient and will help you save a lot of money in the long run. These doors reflect approximately 90% of light admitting only 10% which means that if your furnace is hitting your home during winter, at least 90% of the heat generated will stay inside your house. The opposite is also true during the hot summer months.

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