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Many people experience some nervousness before leaving; it seems that around 20% of travelers suffer from it. Here are some natural anxiety remedies that can help solve the problem.There is talk of real “starting anxiety” only when some brain receptors do not function physiologically following changes in the metabolism of neuromediators. With the iherb promo code you can have the best choices now.

In these cases, psychosomatic disturbances may arise which significantly condition the subject’s state of health.Even if these are not panic attacks, the symptoms of which are much more violent, the anxious disorder connected to travel is still a problem that requires adequate treatments.

What are the causes of starting anxiety

Whether it is a business trip or pleasure does not matter, leaving is an action that in many cases is accompanied by a sense of deep insecurity and vulnerability, as it implies a departure from a family environment in the perspective of facing uncertain experiences.

The predisposing factors for this alteration of the psychoemotional sphere are mainly attributable to stress, which can have different causes, among these one of the most common is the fear of not having brought with you everything you need for your stay away from home.

  • In this case, anxiety can concern the fear of having forgotten drugs or clothing deemed essential for the trip.
  • Another stressor is linked to the fear of accidents that could occur regardless of the means of transport used.
  • Departure anxiety can also be caused by the displeasure of moving away from loved ones or pets.

A factor of considerable importance that conditions the psychological state of the individual before leaving, is the fear of not being well in the place where he is going to go, both for adverse environmental conditions and for a subjective state of health.

In these circumstances, the need to inquire about the location of hospitals and medical clinics that may be consulted becomes a priority.

How to deal with starting anxiety

Some amino acids help fight starting anxiety, in particular:

  • Tryptophan, which, as a precursor of serotonin, contributes to maintaining a correct mental and emotional balance
  • Histidine, which promotes a relaxing effect on the brain
  • Glycine that enhances relaxation of the motor musculature, normally contracted in case of anxious syndromes.
  • Potassium is a mineral capable of regulating the permeability of the membrane of neurons, improving their regular metabolism of intercellular exchanges.

Some herbal remedies are useful for preventing the onset of starting anxiety.

Among these are:

  • lemon balm and chamomile, which cause the relaxation of muscle fibers, exhibiting antispasmodic activity;
  • hawthorn and linden, which act on the cardiovascular system, regulating blood pressure which tends to increase in case of anxious syndrome;
  • passionflower, which is equipped with a mechanism of action similar to that of benzodiazepines, with anxiolytic and tranquilizing effects.

Bach flowers, including in particular the Rescue Remedy, are able to resolve the symptoms caused by transient moments of anxiety and stress.

In addition to it, they are widely used:

  • Agrimony, indicated for anxiety associated with torment
  • Walnut for anxiety related to stress
  • Inpatiens for anticipatory anxiety

Homeopathy offers useful remedies that act on the psychological matrix of symptoms related to starting anxiety.

In particular, the symptomatic treatment involves the intake of:

  • Argentum nitricum for states of intense agitation.
  • Gelsenium in case of eve anxiety.
  • Arsenicum album if anxiety is associated with anguished states.

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