Advantages and Disadvantages of Web Check-In

Using the internet to solve big problems has been the agenda of this age for generations. One of the biggest problems that it is solving today is reducing the queues at airports. The IndiGo online flight check-in is one of the most powerful piecesof web technology to date. Designed for convenience and quality of service, it can drastically reduce the time taken for checking in to a flight. Meant to serve the masses with a higher quality of service by the same provider, the web check-in tool surely does its job and does it well.

The web check-in allows a server space for its users to upload necessary documents for checking in. These are documents that are needed for checking in anyhow. So, instead of having to arrive at the airport three or four hours in advance for the express purpose of having to check in, passengers can now use the IndiGo web check-in service. The whole process is fast, easy, and uncomplicated. In fact, it takes only a few seconds to upload a document and get it verified on the go, right from the mobile. Get to the airport, go straight to baggage, drop off the bags, and head over to security clearance – that is it. But do remember to use the web check-in first.

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Advantages of Web Check-In

IndiGo online flight check-in is changing the world right now. The convenience of air travel is supreme anyhow. Add a web check-in facility to that and everything is all smooth sailing. Here are the biggest advantages to web check-in:

  • Instant Access: The convenience of the entire thing is quite high as it is a mobile app and can be accessed on the go from anywhere and at any time. The biggest selling point is that there are hundreds of flights all connected to the same app for extra convenience.
  • Safety: The web check-in system is so easy to use that even a child can use it. But that does not mean that a child should use it. In fact, infants and unaccompanied minors cannot use the web check-in. So, there are no safety issues associated with it at all.
  • Open to All: Absolutely anyone can make use of the web check-in facility. This is not some premium feature where one has to pay extra. It is not limited to one business and first-class ticket holders. No need to pay more to have a better pre-flight experience.
  • Print Facility: Unlike other software services, there is no software glitch that can turn the dream flight into a nightmare. The app offers a printout feature so that the user can carry documented proof that they have indeed checked in from the web check-in app.
  • Great Support: Lots of people are still apprehensive about using the web check-in system. For anyone who has any issues at all with the platform, there is no need to panic. An unparalleled staff will contribute to making the user’s trip a much better one.

Disadvantages of Web Check-In

The remarkable features of the IndiGo check-in are nothing short of wonderful. But even this remarkable piece of technology has its own shortcomings and is limited in its use by certain parameters. Here are the disadvantages of Web check-in:

  • Domestic Only: This is a huge disadvantage of web check-in as the service only covers domestic flights. It is not applicable for any international flights in or out of India. The fact is that there are too many risks to the technology to allow for international flights.
  • The Handicapped Remain Handicapped: The web check-in service does not cater to handicapped people, which is shocking, as it makes themost sense to have this technology specifically for the handicapped. But sadly, it is not open foruse by all.
  • Maintenance Issues: Every server in the world, no matter how powerful, needs maintenance from time to time. The problem occurs during these maintenance phases and so, it is advisable to use the web check-in well ahead of time for safety and security.

Web Check-Ins: In Conclusion

The verdict still remains in favor of using the web check-in. The reason behind it is simple – there are more pros than cons. In summary, the IndiGo online flight check-in service is not flawless. But the cons do not take away the validity of the technology or the merits of its use. The only problem with it is that it is limited in nature and hopefully, it will be able to expand its scope of operations in the near future. Also, it is advisable to try and use the service well ahead of time just in case the web server is down for maintenance. The world is growing smaller and smaller because of internet connectivity. Hopefully, it will be able to solve even more problems down the line by perfecting the solutions that it already has for us.