Learn about the new Indian rummy promotions to upgrade your skills

There are a number of online rummy applications available on the market nowadays. These apps focus on facilitating the most amazing gaming experiences one could have. Card game lovers from across ages play on these apps. When it comes to variation, these rummy apps come with a lot of options like Indian rummy, Gin rummy, Oklahoma Gin rummy and so on. There is also the option of playing on free games, cash rummy games and rummy tournaments or tourneys. Apart from winning real money, players also have the option of winning different promotion bonuses, gold coins, holiday rewards and so on. If you have never played online Indian rummy on these rummy apps before, these bonuses and promotions are another solid reason for you to learn and upgrade your rummy skills.

The different Indian rummy promotions

Bonus promotions are the extra points and cash that you can win after making your first deposit, top-up deposit, referring a friend, a Sunday deposit and so on. Availing these different bonuses will increase your play money.

  • Welcome Bonus

This is one of the biggest bonuses offers you can get. On making your very first deposit of Rs, 2000 to play a cash game of Indian rummy, you get an equal amount of bonus money deposited to your account! The bonus code for this is “WELCOME”. This bonus doubles your play money. Once you make the initial deposit, you automatically register yourself for different rewards as well! These rewards include cash prizes, match bonuses, free roll tourney entries and so on!

  • Top Up Bonus

After you win your Welcome bonus of Rs. 2000, you can then win a Top Up Bonus up to Rs. 3000 on your second deposit. This is usually after you have exhausted your Welcome Bonus. The Top Up Bonus gives you a 50% match bonus and you can win up to Rs. 3000., using the bonus code “TOPUP”. The Top Up bonus allows you to continue your excitement of cash rummy games, rewards, and tournaments.

  • Sunday Passion

This bonus will make your Sunday extra special! If you log in to play rummy on a Sunday and make a deposit, you get the chance to win up to Rs. 5000 as part of the Sunday Passion Bonus. This bonus, with the bonus code “PASSION”, gives you a 25% match bonus every Sunday. You can now continue to make extra money playing cash games and earning cash back bonuses! In the process, your rummy skills improve as well.

  • Refer a Friend Bonus

If you love playing Indian rummy with your friends, you can now do so online, and make money from it as well! When you ‘Refer a Friend’, you invite them with a link to play rummy with you online. When they use that link, you can win a bonus of up to Rs.5000! There is no limit on the number of friends you can invite and refer to, and the money keeps coming!


Playing rummy online has never been this adventurous and profitable. Enhance your rummy skills on the rummy app, and keep on winning different bonuses and promotions every other day!