MMR Boosting In Online Games

MMR Boosting or Match Making Rating Boosting is also known as ELO Boosting. In this severely used online gaming act, it boosts up match making ratings in online multi-player games to easily provide a way to play or join higher ranked game rooms, without achieving required ranks and moreover it helps players improving their performances to gain higher ranks. In this process mostly the boostee gets a lobby or party attachment by the booster through which they join higher ranked tier games together. Otherwise, the boostee logs in and play with a booster account for increased MMR. Dominantly this MMR boosting service is sold against money, but now it’s forbidden by developers and punishable on most of the online gaming platforms as it conflicts the codes of conduct and match making rules.

Why Is It Punishable?

It seems to be a spotless crime, but it leaves several negative effects on the involved accounts and other gamers of the game. When a player from lower tier joins a match of higher ranks, the game playing experience is being compromised. If detected both the accounts ( boostee and booster ) can get banned for a long period of time from all the gaming activities for as long as 8 years! Still, MMR Boosting remains a popular activity among young enthusiast gamers and pro players for achieving highest tier ranks to rejoice the best out of the gameplay.

Popular With MMR Boosting :

MMR Boosting is popular across online games like DOTA2 and League of Legends. Gamers hire MMR Boosters from different websites, where they sell the services with anonymity and complete data protection ( as far they make commitments in their websites ) , and active gamers nowadays are a lot into MMR Boosting as it is outdated these days to wait and play for a long period of time for having the best gameplay experiences. So, yes MMR Boosting is barred by gaming developers but only matters if you care.