Legal Services To Help Workers Claim

We all work to make a living and some people wrestle with haevy machines and equipment while achieving so and accidents also occur at workplaces owing to any reason. In such cases, to deal with the medical expenses on injury, including rehabilitation and disability payments to those, rendered incapacitated by their injuries, are to be taken care of by workers’ compensation. We, Fisher & Manno Law, help the workers, in Louisiana, who get injured while performing their duties to claim for their workers’ compensation benefits by providing adequate legal representation.

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If a worker gets injured while working at his work place, the injury should be immediately reported to the supervisor. Take the injured person to a physician to have the injury diagnosed and properly treated. A log should be maintained of the injury and the affects it is having on the injured worker so that it can help while claiming for the compensation benefits. To claim the benefits, the injured worker must seek the legal representation from an experienced and skilled attorney.

“Fischer & Manno Law” provides legal services to help workers claim their right to workers compensation benefits. We understand the tremendous mental and physical burden that a worker goes through while dealing with injury and the medical bills at the same time. We consult with your insurance company to ascertain what type of coverage you posses in addition to the general workers’ compensations that is provided by your employer. Our experienced attorneys know workers’ compensation claim procedure and how to protect your rights under Louisiana’s workers’ compensation system.

Our experienced and skilled attorneys are always ready to help you. If you, or someone whom you know, is injured in Louisiana while working at his/her workplace, you can always reach out to us to seek any legal assistance at