5 Essential Sights and Spots to Check Out in New Hampshire’s Seacoast Region

If you’re looking to visit New England, you have no shortage of options for an absolutely amazing trip.

However, before you immediately assume that Boston or another major tourist hub should be your destination, why not consider the likes of New Hampshire? Specifically, you should look into the famed Seacoast and Portsmouth regions that represent hidden gems of New England itself.

Why does the Seacoast deserve your attention over the likes of a more “popular” New England destinations, though?

Consider for starters that a quieter town such as Portsmouth offers a much more relaxed, authentic New England experience versus the tourist traps of bigger cities. You can enjoy the history, local fare and communities without having to worry about the hustle and bustle of Boston, for example.

Also, there’s no denying the sheer beauty of a coastal town that offers a gorgeous view of the Atlantic (as well as the Piscataqua River, to boot).

For those making their way through New England by car or looking for an RV rental in New Hampshire, make it a point to see the Seacoast Region firsthand. Below are some ideas for spots to check out during your travels.

Isles of Shoals

Quintessentially New England, taking a seven-mile tour boat to one of the many islands located right off the coast should be a matter of “when,” not “if” for tourists. Enjoy a lobster roll on Rye Isle, see the Oceanic Hotel on Star Isle and take some time to explore the fabled Smuttynose Island, famous for its old-school murder mystery tales.

Portsmouth Harbor Trail

For those looking to take a literal hike, the Portsmouth Harbor Trail is the area’s premier walking route. Boasting a whole bunch of buildings registered as national landmarks, the trail represents your starting point to explore the bulk of what the city of Portsmouth has to offer. Beyond the nearby historical sites, you can always take a stroll and watch the tugboats pass under the bridge.

Market Square

If you’re looking for a lesson in New England architecture, Market Square has you covered. Portsmouth’s downtown area is quaint and is the perfect place to mingle with the locals. Oh, and it’s also a great place to find some signature New Hampshire cuisine if you’re a seafood fan.

The Strawbery Banke Museum

You can probably already tell that history and New Hampshire go hand in hand, and the Strawbery Banke Museum doesn’t disappoint in that department. The attention to detail that the museum goes through to recreate classic New England shouldn’t go unnoticed as visitors go back in time to explore the likes of the 17th Century.

The USS Albacore Museum

While the fascinating history of the USS Albacore speaks for itself, seeing the retired submarine up close is a sight to behold. The accompanying museum is an absolute joy for history buffs and families alike.

Don’t overlook what the Seacoast Region as an option for exploring New England if you haven’t already. An opportunity to relax and get the authentic New Hampshire experience, any of these spots are must-sees if you’re in the area.