Perfume Transportation: Main Difficulties and Possible Solutions

Have you ever thought about how your favorite perfumes are delivered to your favorite stores? In order for people are able to savor the best aromas, a very complicated and intricate process is organized and fulfilled. How does it look and what are the major stages of perfume freight delivery? If you desire to discover answers to these questions, you can’t but should get acquainted with the following information.

Transportation of perfume products by road is the most convenient and affordable variant these days. Road transport operations are independent of railroad stations and air and sea port timetables.  It allows you to minimize the total transportation time. By the way, thanks to the lightning-fast development of innovative technologies, this process can be carried out virtually around the clock. The benefits of transportation by road transport include the possibility to deliver partial loads with consolidation and maintenance of the cargo. It allows business owners to cut off costs.

There is an extra important point both shippers and carriers have to take in mind. The thing is perfume, cologne, and fragrances all typically have varying levels of ethyl alcohol content, which in and of itself, is extremely flammable. This flammable component deems perfume as what’s known as a “hazard class 3” in the world of shipping. It means special extra safety measures have to be applied.

Perfume transportation encompasses several steps. The most important of them are the following:

●      Packing your shipment safely.

Perfumery products require a little extra care to pack, but it’s worth taking the time to do it properly. Not only will poor packaging potentially damage your goods, it can also make them harder to process – running the risk of costly hold-ups. It’s better to use combination packing. It’s also up to you to ensure that each item has a cap or some form of protection against accidental leakage.

●      Dealing with perfume regulations.

It’s clear that carriers can have varying rules, but shipping perfume isn’t the only thing that can have different regulations. Individual countries also have discrepancies when it comes to perfumes. It’s of extra high importance to prepare all the papers and get all the permissions for this type of cargo.

●      Boxes and containers are a must.

Many carriers will require liquids to be in leak-proof containers. Whether or not it is a perfume shipping guideline that’s mandated by your shipping partner, this is a good practice to follow.

●      The most convenient mode for perfume transportation is definitely by trucks.

It’s also a good idea to explore the option of fast freight express. It allows shippers to savor extra fast delivery at reasonable prices. Yet, this option can be beneficial only when it comes to unexpected and extra urgent orders.

      Air transportation is forbidden.

Unfortunately, it is unsafe to send perfume and other flammable liquids internationally using air transport.

To conclude, it should be highlighted that perfume delivery is not an easy thing. To cope with this task, it’s better to hire experienced specialists who have already completed similar orders and are able to offer the most profitable solutions.