Few Tips to improve the performance of Surveillance Cameras

The world of cameras and security equipments is very complex and daunting. When working properly, surveillance cameras can improve your crime investigation and give accurate video footage. Many organizations relay in CCTV camera footage to strengthen the deterrence of criminal acts. Therefore, proper care is necessary to increase and retain the performance of the system. But, how do we maximize the accuracy and integrity of the system for uninterrupted output? It is possible if we implement some protective measures. Here, we shall briefly list out some tips to increase the durability and performance of the security system.

Few important tips to improve the performance of Security Cameras:

  • Buy energy efficient cameras: pick cameras that use poE and have minimal moving parts. This feature will keep energy costs down and provide you with a long-lasting and more sustainable system.
  • Use power-over-Ethernet: This allows you to send both power and network connectivity across one cable. As a result, the system “downtime” can be minimized. It also allows for greater installation flexibility and easier maintenance.
  • Avoid built-in heaters: Try to avoid cameras that have built-in heaters or blowers in locations with extreme weather conditions.
  • Adjust camera resolution: Based on the location and coverage area, you need to set resolution. Doing so not only saves power but also ensure decent picture quality. For example, indoor cameras covering only a 500 feet radius would require lower resolution. And for outdoor surveillance cameras, you’ll need a higher resolution of at least 700 lines for greater facial recognition and higher image quality.
  • Install compatible software: special software with enhanced filters can import quality images and videos.
  • Right mounting: It is important to consider whether your surveillance cameras are being placed inside or outside, and what material you’re going to be using to mount them. If you’re going to mount them indoors, use a “ceiling mount”, while if you’re placing a camera outdoors, “parapet mounts” or “pole mounts” may be more practical. Correct positioning help determines what the camera will be able to see, and how it may rotate.
  • Adequate lighting: Lighting is a serious consideration to get the best pictures. For outdoor cameras, street lighting will not be enough for clear, sharp footage at night. So it is always advisable installing an LED light illuminator with your outdoor cameras. But be sure and mount the illuminator at a recommended distance to avoid a reflection or a glare. During the day, the position of the camera should be in such a way that it is not directly hit by natural light to halt blind spots in your security coverage.
  • Proper maintenance and care: Last but not least concern to consider is periodical checking of cameras, cables, and mounts condition. Make sure your cabling system is good so that nothing gets lost during the video recording.

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