Mistakes to avoid while choosing the 3D Agency

When you think of a unique idea while creating a product video, an animated video is the first thing that comes to your mind. It is the all-time best option to create amazing videos that catch user attention, increase the engagement, and also help your users to get a better view of your product.

There are certain things that you need to keep in mind while selecting the best 3D Agency for creating an effective and attractive business video.

Portfolio and other works

People sometimes don’t look at the portfolio or the sample of the 3D Videos created by the company. A reputed 3D animation agency will have many samples of the previous work they have done with other clients. You can also take a look at the other type of videos they offer, such as you can check their portfolio of corporate Video or Whiteboard video.


People mainly ignore this feature. You need to see if the agency you are going with or giving your order to has the best level of support. You might need support from the agency for various reasons even in the product videos creation. Alternatively, you can check for live support. Some of the agency such as AddVideos may also offer dedicated customer support to its customers. This shows the level of support they provide; you can contact them through their website addvideos.com, in case you have any issue or problem.

Quality before Cost

Without a doubt, looking for an affordable company will also be an option on your list. However, don’t blindly run behind looking for an affordable company that will create your video at a very cheap rate. You need to look for the quality. Creating 3D videos is not a piece of cake. If a company is making those at an affordable cost, you need to consider checking their quality first. Make sure you check their work and look for the quality. If you are going for an affordable plan, ask them about the quality of the video.

The Idea and the imagination

While you see some of their samples and the portfolio, make sure they have some cool and interesting ideas, which people can find interesting. A good agency will have the best ideas which will catch 100% of the user’s attention. To know more about it, you can use a Cartoon Animation video; from there, you might get a proper idea about their innovation and how they work.

The language they offer and Flexibility

Make sure the company you are going with, supports the language in which you want to make your video. Most of the companies provide only English or some particular language for video creation. If you are targeting a local audience of your country, you can ask them for the support for that particular language. Lastly, communicate with them; ensure they know all your requirements and the main targeted audience. They can craft the video according to that.

These are the most common mistakes you should avoid while choosing the best agency to create a promotional video for your business or for your brand.