Everything you need to know about Floor Polisher

What is a floor polisher?

The machine used to clean, sand and polish wooden floor, tile floor or any other kind of floor is called Floor polisher [เครื่อง ขัด เงา พื้น, which is the term in Thai]. There are different types of floor polishers such as manual, mechanical, electrical, and automatic.

There are different types of floors and different types of equipment available to polish your floor depending on its type. You can do it manually or with the help of machines. If you own a small house with a wooden floor you can polish it manually. It’s quite easy to do so you can just search online and follow the instructions. The most important thing to keep in mind is that you should know what type of floor you’re working on. Like polyurethane floors had a hard finish and can be cleaned with the help of a small amount of water. However, if you had a shellac or lacquered floor, they need to be waxed regularly.

How to find out which type of floor you had?

There is a very easy way to find out what type of floor you’re working with. You need two products, denatured alcohol, and lacquer thinner to examine your floor if it’s shellac, lacquered or water-based.

  • Shellac floor- to examine that if a floor is shellac or not, find a spot you cover with your furniture and then apply two-three drops of alcohol. After a while, check the area by touching that area with a cloth if it feels soft to you then it’s shellac.
  • Lacquered floor- to examine, simply take lacquer thinner and apply two-three drops on an area normally covered with furniture. After a while check if the spot is softened or not. If the spot is softened then it’s a lacquered floor.

If the floor feels tacky after both experiments than it’s most likely a water-based floor.