A Woods Lamp Analyzes Skin Conditions

You can learn more about your clients’ skin with a Woods lamp, which is a special type of lamp that gives off black light. This light cannot be seen by the naked eye. It is on the ultraviolet spectrum, and this spectrum is shorter than that of violet. It emits a purple-hued light in a dark room because it gives off some light in the violet part of the electromagnetic spectrum.

This type of lamp was first created in 1903 by Robert W. Wood. In a dark room, you can use it to examine skin closely. One of its uses is to tell pigmented from depigmented skin. Additionally, you can see if fluorescence is present. Skin that is healthy looks kind of blue in the light of a Woods lamp, but it is white if the skin is thickened. It is yellow or orange if the skin is oily, and it looks purple where the skin is thin, tender, dry, or healing.

White skin under the lamp can mean that the skin is aging or that there is a skin fold. If there is a light yellow color to the skin, it can indicate a concentrated pimple or seborrhea. Inflamed skin or skin with a nutrient deficiency can be red. Brown shows a freckle or a pigmentation inconsistency.

Our Woods lamp combines ultraviolet light and magnification. You can use it to visualize the skin that you are unable to see without the help of the lamp. We have a version with a 3 dioptre with 1.75 times magnification and an even stronger version with five and 10 times magnification power.

The lamp comes with a chart so that you can more easily identify various skin problems. The produce includes a blackout hood, a 3 diptre (1.75 magnification lens), 4 x 4 watt light tubes, and a two-meter cable. The lamp weighs 1.1 kg and comes with a one-year warranty.

With a Woods lamp, you can learn a lot about the condition of your clients’ skin. It is a valuable tool to have in your beauty salon, and you can offer treatments and advice based on what you learn of their individual skin conditions. Such customized treatments can bring clients back to you again and again. It can also encourage them to provide referrals.

Expand your business with this simple investment. Demonstrate to clients how it can benefit their skin care routines. They will be able to observe their skin conditions themselves when you use a Woods lamp in your salon. They can also see their skin’s improvement after each treatment, thus earning their trust that you provide excellent and knowledgeable skin care services.