Munch on these ‘oh so yummy’ Japanese Snacks

Although eating a healthy meal three times a day provides us the energy and nutrients that our body requires. But, is that all we are eating? The answer is actually a big NO. Most of us are in fact snack-a-holics.

There are several reasons for why you snack. The first reason is that every meal that you eat may or may not be filling enough. A snack can help you in filling up. Secondly, you will need a snack food, if you have a large gap between meals. You might also snack when you are stressed, or tired, or simply bored.

Snacking is not a problem in itself.  You can actually avoid grazing or overeating while maintaining your energy levels with snacks. But, what you eat when you snack? It is seen with people who stick to a healthy meal diet are tempted to munch on some convenient food for snacking. This type of snack food is often high in sugar and not at all healthy. So why not munch on some healthy snack food when hungry? Here we have a list of Japanese snack food that is both healthy and tasty.

  • Edamame

When you dine in a good Japanese restaurant, edamame is the snack food often served. This traditional snack food in Japan looks quite like green peas. It actually is a fancy name for boiled or steamed soybean pods. To give it a little flavor, shio or salt is sprinkled over and sometimes red pepper flakes or sesame seeds are also dotted over to give the snack a tangy flavor. Eating them, you get a boost of energy and it also punches up the fiber, protein and vitamin/mineral content of your body.

  • Gyoza

Often called dumplings, or pot stickers, gyoza is another famous Japanese snack food. These dumplings are made up of thin dough wrapping that includes either vegetable filling or ground meat, or both. You can avoid the fat content of these snacks by opting for the steamed or pan-fried version of gyoza. The filling that usually includes a mixture of little content of ground meat and vegetables like cabbage, ginger, green onion, and garlic, makes this snack healthy. You can enjoy it more with soy sauce.

  • Okonomiyaki

Okonomiyaki can be called an overfilled omelet or pancake or a Japanese pizza.  It is Japanese comfort food at its best. This savory pancake is a grilled favorite of many who relish Japanese cuisine. The pancake is made of a batter of flour and eggs. The filling is made with chopped vegetables cabbage, onion, green chili, pork, beef, and seafood. On grilling, this stuffed pancake, nori flakes, dried seaweed, and ginger is often sprinkled. This can be enjoyed with a dipping sauce. Although not a very healthy snack food, you can munch on it to satisfy your taste buds. However, to avoid gaining fats, you must watch the quantity you eat.

These were a few of the best Japanese cuisines that you would like to eat. You can either dine in some good Japanese restaurants in Dubai or order them in the meal delivery services and savour the yummy taste.