Comparing DHL services with FedEx

DHL and FedEx is a debate that most eCommerce organization find themselves in. Both are major couriers with their distinct advantages and disadvantages, but which one is best for your business?

DHL price [dhl ราคา which is the term in Thai] is quite expensive but has excellent service. From the comfort of your home, you can reschedule deliveries, redirect to occur or even postpone shipments all through DHL on-demand. In cases of damages or loss of the package, they mostly compensate the recipient of the goods and also the treatment of the packages is very good. There are few cases that can occur since many times, the delivery man is accompanied by a security guard, especially when they go to deliveries away from urban areas, complaints received from DHL goes in the following order:

Delivery delay (up to one day after the scheduled date)

Do not specify delivery because the courier does not find the address.

FedEx is a. delivery courier service, in areas like Chicago, they deliver efficiently even from one day to another even if the service is economical, in the south and the Pacific they struggle a lot. In price, it is very competitive and sometimes even cheaper. In terms of the treatment of packages, it is very variable, mostly they arrive in good condition but can also arrive with damages during the transfer. Customers can contact the FedEx call [fedex โทร which is the term in Thai] when they have complains to make. Complaints received from FedEx goes in the following order:

Ghost delivery attempts

Delay in delivery (more than one day of the planned date) are kept at the station and do not go to distribution.

Battered items (of every 1000 shipments 2 cases on average).

In international shipping, DHL and FEDEX are very efficient and the process is very simple.