Features to Look for in Dedicated Server Hosting

Dedicated server hosting can not only improve the performance of your website but also reduce its maintenance and running costs. However, all dedicated servers are not the same and neither is the type of hosting service provided by your hosting company. So, to ensure that you can maximize the performance of your website you need to choose the best dedicated server provider in India. And here are some special features that you should look for before finalizing your hosting company.

What to Look for in Your Dedicated Hosting Plan?

Dedicated servers allow a website to handle large traffic volumes while guaranteeing a high uptime. Other reasons why a business opts for dedicated server hosting are the need for a high level of security, complete independence to control the hardware and software installed on the server, and no sharing with any other website. Some hosting companies even offer customized website design solutions online to help you focus on other aspects of running your e-commerce business. Some essential features of a dedicated server hosting plan are:

  1. Level of Security– Security is a primary concern for most websites especially the ones dealing with personal and other crucial information of their clients. To ensure that the information stored or passed on your website is safe from hackers, choose a dedicated hosting service provider that offers the highest level of security.  This is done by the installation of firewalls and anti-malware programs.  Dedicated servers with security patching and seamless protection are highly useful.
  2. Root Access– Dedicated hosting providers that offer root access via the cPanel should be preferred. The root access allows you to access and modify the application installations to suit your needs besides providing complete access to the server.
  3. Scalability-A dedicated server hosting provider that offers you the option to scale up the resources with the growth in your business is highly recommended.
  4. High uptime– A dedicated plan that offers the highest level of uptime of 99.99% is highly recommended to ensure the success of your website and business. Hosting companies guarantee high uptime by using DDoS protection.
  5. Dedicated Support– A hosting company that offers dedicated support for dealing with any problems that hurt the performance of your website is a must. This along with the assured availability of bandwidth, power, speed, storage, and all other resources ensures that your website performs well. And since no resource sharing happens, you have the flexibility to use and install any applications to run your website smoothly.
  6. Powerful Configurations– Choose the best-dedicated server provider in India that offers hosting that is powered by SSD storage, DDR4 memory and Xeon D processors so that your website can handle any type of workload including a critical business application or high volumes of traffic.

You can get started with your website in minutes by using the one-click install options for simple website design or by discussing your design requirements with the design experts at your hosting company. The website design experts will understand your requirements and recommend the appropriate plugins and themes accordingly to ensure that your website runs optimally.