Scuba Diving in the White Sea

While there are a number of small town around the White Sea, there are only two major points of interest to tourists, both of which are visible on the map to the right. Belomorsk is the smaller of the two, with a population of roughly 12,000. It can be considered a rather large town and it is a great starting point to any tour of the area. Arkhangelsk, on the other hand, is quite the large city, with a population of roughly 350,000. Being so close to Finland, both cities are quite accustomed to travelers, though I would recommend any White Sea trip to be based in Arkhangelsk, the city is much larger and offers tourists a richer variety of entertainment.

While the White Sea is a beautiful place, there isn’t a great deal to do so far north. Other than a few short months out of the year, the place is bitter cold providing virtually no entertainment to travelers. If you are the type that loves the snow, you may find hiking through the tundra an experience, or hiking across the frozen White Sea, but most travelers to the region are either there to see the Beluga Whales or to do some diving.

Scuba Diving is sport that the White Sea strives on. Such an activity can be performed in the hottest summer days, or through the bitter winter cold. Once geared up and in the water, the temperature outside is irrelevant. People come from around the world to see what kind of new creatures they can find in the White Sea, and rarely leave disappointed. Below you will find just a small sampling of the types of creatures you can find. If you are into diving, visiting the White Sea is a must.

There are regular diving excursions to the White Sea by countless tour agencies. One of the most highly rated is Eco-Photo Explorers, and they have a very detailed page on their diving tours. While they have some prices listed, their site hasn’t been updated in a while so I recommend contacting them directly with any questions you may have.

Resource: rundreise kambodscha.