When And How Did Adolf Hitler Die?

Adolf Hitler is one of the most notoriously known men alive. While what he was known for may not be great, there is no doubt that the history that followed Adolf Hitler is deep and interesting. But have you ever wondered what happened to Adolf Hitler like how and when did he die? If you are interested and want to learn more about history, here are some things you might want to learn.

How He Died

A lot of preparation went into Adolf Hitler’s suicide. He talked a lot with a physician to find the best method. He was supposed to only take the cyanide capsule with his wife, but he was not sure that they would work. Adolf decided to make his favorite dog take one to see if it would work. He held the cyanide capsule in his mouth as he shot himself on the right side of his temple. Shortly before this, his new wife, who was beside him, ate a cyanide capsule as well.

When He Died

Adolf Hitler died when he was 56 years old on April 30, 1945. He was in Berlin at the time after his plan of eradicating all Jews failed. He died about 10 days after it was his birthday. He was in an air-raid shelter nearby Reich Chancellery. It was well known at that point that he was not successful with his endeavors and must have given up because of the justice he might have faced.

After his death, most of the Nazi-related items were ordered to be destroyed. A lot of history buffs collect Nazi memorabilia for sale USA. While some people may find it strange, Nazi memorabilia for sale USA is actually a great way to look back at history. Despite their history, it is definitely interesting and collectors like to have them acknowledge how far history has come.

Prior to the Death

As mentioned earlier, Adolf Hitler was not succeeding with his plans and he knew it. Germany was about to collapse as the Allies were starting to gain control. The Nazis lost control and lacked forces so Hitler declared that they lost the war after verbally attacking his comrades. Shortly after that, that was when he talked to his physician about how he should die, as mentioned earlier.

When other Nazi leaders heard about Adolf Hitler’s potential plans to kill himself, they started trying to control the situation and wanted to take command. Adolf Hitler took that badly and ordered that one of them in particular face execution or resign. Another leader offered the Allies that they would surrender, which lead to Hitler having him arrested, especially since the Allies rejected the offer anyway.

Interesting Facts

There was a lot involved with Adolf Hitler’s death. For instance, his wife wanted to take a cyanide pill instead of being shot because she wanted to be beautiful when she died. However, reports state that the pill contorted her face. Unfortunately for her as well, Adolf Hitler never called her his wife. In fact, he had some nastier nicknames for her such as wench or idiot.

Adolf Hitler is a very well known person in history and many people wonder what happened to him after his goals failed. Like his life, Adolf Hitler’s death was as interesting as his life.

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