What is the secret of gene mutation?

The alteration in the DNA sequence of a gene that is of a permanent nature is known as a gene mutation. The process of gene mutation differs from people to people. Mutation can also be described as genetic changes which can occur either because of heredity or somatic. In some person, the mutation can occur in some of their body organs excluding others. New mutation or we can call de novo mutations can also explain the cause of genetic disorders. In many cases the genetic disorder is present only in the child and not in the parents, de novo mutation can explain the cause of such type of genetic disorder. Mthfr test can be done to detect mutations.

Know about MTHFR

The critical function of DNA methylation is known as Methylenetetrahydrofolate Reductase. Gene methylation is a Complex biochemical process which is used to regulate gene expressions in the human body. Along with methylation mthfr provides the human body with its main fuel that is folate. The process of methylation and the methylation function is produced when there is less amount of folate.

Why is methylation important?

Methylation is a very important process of our body and when methylation does not occur it will result in various health hazard and health-related issues. Methylation is required in every process and functioning of our body. Mthfr gene mutation has been linked to a variety of conditions such as addiction, blood clot, blood cancer and many more health hazards. It has been very well proved by the studies and researchers in Science that the human body is capable of slowing down the process of gene expression and silencing bad genes. And this function of the human body is only regarded as the process of methylation. Mthfr gene mutation this is very important for each one of us is 80% of the population is suspected to have a mutation in their alleles. Proper DNA methylation can only be given when the person knows about the gene mutation of his body.