What Are The Ways To Study Maths Effectively?

Maths is an interesting subject. It’s like a puzzle which keeps you engaged in a fun way. Solving math problems is also a challenge. The more you practice the mathematical topics, the easier it is to overcome the challenge. This is the reason few students find maths easier than the others.

Let’s see how to study math effectively to make it interesting.

●    Practice a Lot

Maths is a subject which needs a lot of practice. Students need to practice the problems in a topic like surface area of rectangle to understand the concept effectively. The more they practice problems to find the surface area of the rectangle, the more confident they’ll be in solving it correctly during exams. It is a subject where they should not cram the formula or the notes. Just going through the question or reading it will not help them in remembering the concept for long. For a deeper understanding of the mathematical topics, they need to solve as well as practice it many times. They can use various resources for the same like notes given by teachers, reference books, online videos and educational mobile apps.

●    Make a proper time table

The students keep hustling between schools, home and coaching classeseveryday. This leaves very less time for them for self-study. They need to make a proper timetable to overcome this issue. A time table would help the students to manage their time efficiently. This will also let them concentrate more on difficult subjects. Suppose if a student finds a particular mathematical topic like types of graphs difficult to understand. He can schedule it in the study time table in such a way that he should solve at least 5 problems each day of this topic. This way he will be able to concentrate on other subjects also and will learn about the graphs too.

●    Reviews the mistakes

After you have practised well, you need to review the mistakes done while practising the problems. Reviewing the mistakes and then practising the problems more will make you confident about the topic. This will also reduce the risk of making the same mistake while solving the problem in the exam.


There are many ways to study maths effectively. Practising and following the time table properly are two of the many ways to learn math. Reviewing the mistakes after practising will make you more confident in solving the questions better. Hope these tips will help students in studying maths effectively.

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