Weed Seeds: Advantage of Growing Marijuana from Seeds

People prefer to grow their own cannabis for several reasons. Growing cannabis not only saves money but it is also a great experience you can ever have. Now to grow your own cannabis there are two options: one is from the Weed Seeds and another is from the clone or the cut piece of a mother plant. People think growing plant from the clone is easier than to grow it from a seed. So here are some important differences that you should know before planning to buy seeds or to implant clone:

  • The only good thing about the clone: the only one reason people opt for clone over seed is because it takes less time. If you grow a plant from the seed, you will have to wait longer. But in case of clone you just have to put it into the soil. But there is no other plus point in growing marijuana from clones rather many downsides such as:
  • Original skunk #1 seeds: easy to grow: seeds are easy to grow because of many reasons. When you plant a clone the plant will be less strong than a seed born plant. A seed plant will have stronger roots than the clone. The stronger the roots the maximum amount of water and nutrition it can bring to the plant. Also clone plants are tending to affect by insects easily. Clone plants need more care and the exact environment to grow. But for seed plants, they can manage to grow even if the environment is slightly different.
  • More option: in clones you get the only option as the mother plant. The clone will grow the same or less good quality strains which may you not know also. But with seeds you get whole new options to choose from. There are many trusted online seed banks like Greenhouse seeds from where you will get variety of seeds to choose from. Also the seed bank will give you the knowledge about all kinds of seeds.
  • Availability: availability is another issue with clone plants. You may get few clones from your friend place or so. But you will fail to get more clones to buy from. There are a few sellers who sell clones of cannabis. Where as you get a whole world of seed sellers to buy your seeds from. There are many offline market places from where you can buy your seeds along with online stores to choose from. Also clones tends to get infected soon in the process of carry them.
  • More secretive: whether you live in marijuana legalized place still it is not a good idea to let people know about buying cannabis clones. With clone you have to pack it delicately. Also clones need bigger space to pack. But with seeds you can get it into your pocket without knowing anyone. Also you get the online delivery option which is the best way to keep things secret.
  • Longer shelf life: cannabis seeds have more shelf life than clones for obvious reasons. You have to implant a clone as soon as possible. But you can store your cannabis seeds for months. Just put t into an air tight jar and place the jar in a cool, dry and dark place. Your seeds will be as new as it was.