5 Injuries and Illnesses Often Treated In An Urgent Care in Rockville, MD

Some people think that they are invincible. However, there are times when you will definitely need walk-in urgent care in Rockville MD. This may come from a variety of injuries and illnesses. There are quite a few of them that need immediate treatment so that you won’t have any after-effects later. Here are five you should be aware of. 

Strep throat 

Though this is mainly in children, this illness is as serious as they come. Caused by the Streptococcus bacteria, it starts off with a pain in your throat. However, it can progress to something worse. Strep throat can easily develop other symptoms that can make your day a lot worse. Headache, chills, and a fever are the usual effects, and you may end up with some trouble swallowing. 

Strep throat needs to be treated quickly since it can escalate into worse conditions. Strep infection can spread to other parts of your body. For example, it can lead to ear infections, rheumatic fever, and more. If you want to avoid these consequences, you are going to have to get treatment fast. Walk-in care should be enough to help since antibiotics can clear up strep throat quickly. 


Another condition you should be aware of is hypertension. In simple language, this is high blood pressure. This is a very common condition, so you will most likely encounter it. Hypertension is actually pretty sneaky – you may have this condition for years, without displaying any overt symptoms. The problem is that hypertension can still cause problems since it will increase the chances of heart attacks and stroke. 

The most obvious symptoms are migraines, short of breath, and nosebleeds. However, when this happens, your hypertension is usually in the advanced stage. You are going to need to get emergency care as quickly as possible. To head all of that off, you will want to also go in for regular checkups at your local urgent care center. 

Broken bones

Accidents happen everyday. However, scratches and bruises are easy to deal with. However, there is one major accidental injury that you need to have urgent treatment: broken bones. When you break your bones, you are going to need to have it treated quickly. This is because if not done properly, your bones won’t heal or won’t heal properly. Fractures can be simple breaks to compound ones. The more complicated the fracture, the quicker the treatment is needed. This can range from a cast to actual screws being surgically installed into your bones. 


The flu is a major disease that is unfortunately very common. From 5 to 20 % of the US population get sick of the flu every year. The symptoms make it look like a normal cold, but it can get worse. Chills, coughing, and fever are just a few of the symptoms that you will face. If your cold can’t seem to be cured, it’s probably the flu. This can get worse, especially if you’re elderly. 

Acute illnesses

Chronic acute illnesses are another condition you need to get treated immediately. A cold that won’t go away or a fever that gets too hot may mean a worse condition in the future. Get in touch with an urgent care center if your symptoms persist despite all your bed rest and medicines.

When considering whether or not a walk-in urgent care in Rockville MD is right for you be sure to keep in mind that finding an urgent care that is properly equipped is also important to receive the best treatment.

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