Want to Buy Your First Pearl? What Are the Things to Look For? Know Them Here!

Pearls are gems available in the sea and everyone know about that. However, if you are planning to buy pearls, you need to understand and learn much more than that to make an educated decision.

Here are some questions for which you need to know the answers before you pay for a pearl.

  1. What factors you should look for in your pearl before buying them?

It’s really important to get the answer to this question. Is it only the cost and originality (it’s really important for a pearl to be original) of the pearl you have to look for before buying or there are some other aspects too?

While buying a pearl you should first look at the colour (that is the first thing that attracts your attention), luster, shape, and size of the same. The shape and glow decide the value of your pearl. Don’t forget to choose the right colour (best if you choose them according to your skin tone rather than liking because they are the one that grab attention)

  1. How much you should pay?

Like mentioned earlier, it’s also important to pay the right cost for the right pearl. Though there isn’t an exact price since it varies largely depending on the pearl. Freshwater pearls are usually cheaper than south sea pearls. Mikimoto pearl necklace is an affordable choice. They come in a wide range of colour and are extremely pocket-friendly for pearl lovers.

  1. Right seller!

There are three vital things you should look for –

  • Qualification of the jeweller – check whether the jeweller has a diploma in gemmology.
  • The reputation of the jeweller – is the jeweller known for good services.
  • Brand! – must check the brands of the pearl you are paying for. Make sure, it’s certified or not.

Today, it is quite easy to buy beautiful set of pears from online stores. However, before making an investment, you need to check a few points like –

  • Does the seller have plenty of options?
  • Does he offer discounts?
  • Does he offer certification about the authentication of pearls?