Fun Facts About T-Shirts

This polo shirt factory (โรงงานเสื้อโปโล which is the term in Thai) has been very popular since it was used as protection under another garment to become part of everyday clothing. Do you dare to know about them? Join us for reading and find out.

Presence From The Beginning

The Egyptians, throughout history, were recognized for the quality of their cotton, but it was cultivated by the Aztecs 8 thousand years ago.

In the early 19th century it was very popular to wear the famous long underwear or long, full-length underpants that covered the entire body. This is also known as a union suit, and it evolved into a t-shirt, how was it achieved? They cut the suit in half, leaving both the top and bottom separately.

During the First World War, the European military troops wore comfortable and light shirts to adapt better during the summer months; in contrast, the American forces wore heavy wool uniforms. When they saw that particular shirt on the other side, they copied it for their benefit. In World War II, this garment was an important issue for the Navy and Army.

In the 1950s, James Dean, Marlon Brando, and John Wayne popularized and massified T-shirts through films such as “A Streetcar Named Desire” or “Rebel Without a Cause.” At that time, these garments were used as underwear only.

In the 1960s, t-shirts were themselves the mainstream of fashion, largely due to the rock bands of the time whose members religiously exhibited them on and off stage. Professional sports teams that sold personalized jerseys with a number printed on the fabric were also held responsible.

In the 70s a lot of iconic T-shirts emerge. Thanks to the creativity of its creators, they became famous and have become a permanent accessory in pop culture.

Today, T-shirts continue to play a fundamental role as a channel to transmit messages and be a tool of their expression.