The Role of Materials in a Car Speaker

Traveling for long hours in your car can be at times tedious. Here, music plays the role of spice that keeps you entertained throughout your journey and makes every road trip exciting. Music has always proved to be a great companion during road trips. Apart from a good audio system, speakers play a vital role in bringing out some quality music. But nowadays with the wide range of affordable speakers available for your car online, you no longer have to spend a huge fortune. But before you get a new pair of speaker for your car you should be aware that there are various components that build up a speaker like voice coil, cone, front plate, suspension etc. and each plays an equal role in determining the quality of sound produced.

The materials matters

When it comes to the specification of car speakers, you’ll realize that the cones found in the drivers are made out of different materials. The cones can be made out of paper, polypropylene, aluminum, ceramic or glass fiber polymer. In order to push the air, most cones move in and out, but at a definite frequency, the cones tend to flex. This flexing ultimately distorts the sound. Hence the designers try to minimize this flexing by using some rigid materials.

The role of materials in each part

The design of the material of a speaker basically decides its sound quality and durability.

  • Woofer materials – In order to produce low music notes the woofer of a speaker must be made of a stiff material that is lightweight. Most of the woofer cones are made of synthetic films like polypropylene. When mixed with mica polypropylene becomes stiffer and produces more accurate bass sound. Synthetic material coated with metals like titanium or aluminum or woven fabric is strong yet lightweight and gives excellent output.
  • Tweeter materials–The material of the tweeter has a great impact on the sound type it produces. Tweeters are usually made of soft materials like silk, textile blends or poly and produce a refined mellow sound. If you want to get snappy and high beats then you should go for tweeters made of ceramic, metal or graphite.
  • Surround materials – The surround of a woofer has a vital role to play, it lets the woofer cone move freely and emit harder bass. It should be durable enough to withstand the extreme humidity and temperature. Rubber made surrounds gives best results. Foam and cloth are a cheaper option that performs well.

Why buy online

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