The Convenience of Motorised Blinds

Please don’t think that motorised blinds are luxury items, too expensive to all but the highest earners or intended to impress gadget gurus and baffle the rest of us.

Motorised blinds are competitively priced, sleek, stylish and space saving and they’re the 21st century solution for installations in domestic or commercial environments; motorised blinds are for everyone who wants the best that design and innovation can offer.

Fully-Automated Means Easy to Operate

Manually controlled blinds are what most of us are comfortable with because they have been available for centuries. We gravitate to the familiar and there’s nothing wrong about that but if you prefer not having to lean into hard to reach positions and stretch to manoeuvre the cords then motorised blinds offer a minimal effort convenient answer.

It’s easy to fall in to the trap of believing that blinds which can be controlled via an app-based, voice activated, home automation system or remote-control device must be difficult to learn about and gain confidence with.

Motorised blind controls work in a similar way to smart technology devices, which we are growing ever more accustomed to.

Why motorised blinds are increasingly popular:

  • The versatility is incomparable. App-based motorised blinds are available in Roman, vertical, roller and Venetian designs, and they can easily be configured for roof windows and bi-fold doors.
  • There’s a pleasing range of colours and finishes so you can make a purchase that truly reflects your style and personality.
  • Simultaneous operation of blinds around the property takes one command from the app-based system.
  • The investment in voice activated or remotely operated blinds increases your property value.
  • The technology employed for motorised blinds is child and pet safe.
  • There are no cords to get caught up in.
  • Additional security advantages are considerable. If you happen to be late home, perhaps visiting a friend or stuck in traffic, you can use the app to move the blinds. You do not need to be in the property; you could even be on holiday overseas and enjoy operating the blinds from the poolside. Anyone viewing the property will believe, thanks to the movement, that there is someone present. You simply can’t replicate this with manual blinds.
  • If mobility is an issue, these blinds take away the stress and possible pain of moving window furnishings.
  • Motorised blinds are energy efficient. One full battery charge of 24 hours guarantees 5-7 months of power, which is fed straight to the blind via a 3-pin charger. The installing blind company provides a rechargeable battery and charger with the blinds.

Talk to the experts to learn more

Where can you find a leading local expert? In Berkshire, Smart Blinds are a renowned blinds installation company with over 20 years of experience to draw on. Their showrooms are located in Thatcham and Caversham and they offer free measuring and fitting of affordable solutions.

Professional installations are imperative; a motorised blind with voice activated app-based technology or a home automation system should never be considered as a DIY task. Benefit from excellent pricing, peace of mind, guaranteed quality and service.